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Former Winnipegger Jason Marantz to appear at Limmud By BERNIE BELLAN
While Limmud attracts presenters of all different stripes, it’s always nice when among those presenters we find a few former Winnipeggers who have made names for themselves in other parts of the world. When those individuals do return to Winnipeg for Limmud you can be sure that some of the people who will turn out to hear them will be old friends and sometimes former students from years past – as well, of course, as relatives.
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Salisbury House opening new location in Israel-supporting Aboriginal community By MYRON LOVE  For the first time in more than 25 years, Salisbury House is opening a new location outside of Winnipeg. The newest Salisbury House is scheduled to open at Norway House Cree Nation at the end of March with 40 full and part-time staff. Read the Full Story
Public lecture completes Lodz Ghetto photo exhibit By MYRON LOVE The Lodz Ghetto (or Littmannstadt Ghetto, as the Nazis called it) - the focus of a photo exhibit that was on display at the Ogniwo Polish Museum Society at 1417 Main Street in North Winnipeg (and which was held over until February 20th) - was the first large ghetto established by the Nazis after their conquest of Poland. At its peak in early 1941,the ghetto housed 200,000 Jews reported Dr. Thomas Lutz, at a public lecture at the Berney Theatre on Wednesday, February 11. Read the Full Story
Around town Jewish Federation CEO Adam Bronstone was caught by surprise on Tuesday, February 3, when a group of Grade 7 Gray Academy students greeted him outside the Federation offices with a card that recognized his status as an "important person" in the community.
Teacher Avi Posen introduced Adam to the students - then he introduced me, saying I was also an "important person". I told the students that Avi was kidding.

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Prolific author Carol Matas nominated for National Jewish Book Award By MYRON LOVE Carol Matas undoubtedly needs little introduction to most readers. She is a top-selling internationally acclaimed author of 45 books for children and young adults. Her best-selling work, which includes three award-winning series, has been translated into over a dozen languages including Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Taiwanese, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, French, Indonesian, Bulgarian and Russian. For her latest work though, she has taken a different route. Read the Full Story
Upcoming JNF World Solidarity Mission to Israel bringing together people from 47 countries By MYRON LOVE
“These are tough times for Israel,” says Dick Rothberg. “As Jews, we need to stand together. I want to encourage as many people as possible to visit Israel.”
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Dr. Brian Goldman packs ‘em in to Berney Theatre - even though the Super Bowl was on By BERNIE BELLAN It’s a testament to the drawing power of Dr. Brian Goldman that, on a night when he was set to appear in the Rady JCC to speak, the most-watched event in American television history happened to be on at the same time: The Super Bowl. Read the Full Story
Who says no one under 30 reads newspapers? Despite all the predictions that newspapers will soon be obsolete, here’s proof that dictum doesn’t fit all members of the younger generation. This picture is of some of Avi Posen’s Grade 8 Gray Academy students. Notice which paper they’re reading? We found it on the Gray Academy’s Facebook page - much to our surprise. (Honestly, we didn’t stage it or ask Avi to stage it for us.) Read the Full Story
JNF Tu B'Shvat telethon raises over $18,000 Jewish National Fund Manitoba/Saskatchewan held its annual Tu Bi’Shevat Telethon on Sunday, February 8, and had raised over $18,000 as of press time.

Two dozen hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers called donors from 1:30 PM until 7:00 PM, explaining how this year donors’ money would be going towards security planting in Israel.
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What Makes Sammy Kohn drum and beyond? By GERRY POSNER When you have “made it “ and you are not yet 30, you have to wonder what life still has in store for you? Read the Full Story


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The triple threat Howard Book By GERRY POSNER In football lingo, a great player is one who can run, pass and kick, and is often referred to as a triple threat. Howard Book does none of those things, but he is a psychiatrist, an advisor to corporations in enhancing what he calls the “emotional intelligence” of its executives, and an undercover musician. Thus, he is a triple threat in the world of careers. These areas of life give the 73-year-old Book a varied and enriched life. Read the Full Story
Experts say that kvetching might be a stress reliever By HARVEY ROSEN For those of you whose favorite indoor and outdoor sport is to kvetch (as in to whine or complain) I must confess that there are some who strongly believe that I already have a Kvetching PhD - and in the Honours program to boot. Read the Full Story
Madoff victims receive new payout totaling $355.8 million (JTA) – Victims of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme will receive another $355.8 million, bringing the total recovered to over $10.5 billion, with more than $7.2 billion paid out. Read the Full Story
Reading the whole Megillah By JOANNE SEIFF In my mid-twenties, I taught high school. Often, I offered a teaser about what we’d study next in the English portion of the Grade 10 World Civilizations class. “You’ll like Candide!” I called out as they were leaving class. “It’s filled with sex and violence!” Read the Full Story


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CIJA: Paris attacks highlight security issues at home and abroad By STEVE McDONALD The horrific antisemitic attack at the Hyper Cacher (Super Kosher) store in Paris in January has naturally increased anxiety within the Canadian Jewish community. How could it not? Read the Full Story
My interview with staunch anti-Israel advocate Jeff Halper was a frustrating experience By BERNIE BELLAN
It’s always easy for someone in a position such as editor of a newspaper to pontificate about freedom of speech. We saw many examples of all sorts of media players joining in chorus lamenting the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism to free speech following the Charlie Hebdo massacre last month.
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Readers' Comments

  • Sometimes it's hard to report the news
    6 days ago
    Norbert, you are misreading the Talmud. Although, given what you write, it is unlikely you've ever opened a volume of this publication.


  • Sometimes it's hard to report the news
    6 days ago
    Hard to report? Where is your reporting as to Chabad being exposed in Australia as protectors and enablers of pedophiles? The top Orthodox Rabbi in Australia, among others, was forced to resign from every position except shochet after being exposed publicly of lying in his testimony. And what did ...


  • Sometimes it's hard to report the news
    1 week ago
    Dear Bernie Bellan: I think this whole article concerning pedophilic jews and the problems of lack of synagogue attandents or loss of faith comes down to one thing. The problem in the jewish religion is this: is the individual following Torah only/Mosaic law only tennants OR do they follow Talmud/Kabbalah ...