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Rabbi Yossi Benarroch interim Herzlia rabbi, kashrut supervisor for local suppliers By MYRON LOVE
Kosher-observant Winnipeg consumers can rest assured knowing that popular local food suppliers such as Gunn’s Bakery and Desserts Plus, the Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre and Shmoozer’s Restaurant at the Campus are still under rabbinical supervision despite the recent departure of Rabbi Ari Ellis and his family.
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Winnipeg Friends of Israel bands together with other groups to help bring Yazidi family to Winnipeg By BERNIE BELLAN
Thanks to the tireless efforts of a group of dedicated volunteers, efforts to help bring an entire family of Yazidi refugees to Winnipeg are bearing fruit.
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Winnipeggers participate in India fundraising competition By MYRON LOVE It was a moment of pure terror for Winnipeggers Adam Sawyer, Jenna Brown and Jenna’s father, Bobby. There they were, driving down on a two-lane highway in a tuktuk – a motorized three-wheeled rickshaw – when a huge oil tanker approached them in the opposite lane – and another huge oil tanker came out from behind the first one, attempting to pass, and was barrelling right toward the three Winnipeggers. Read the Full Story
Jewish community sows kindness at Winnipeg Harvest Submitted by Jason Booth, Communications Associate, Winnipeg Harvest
Sandy Hyman explains two phrases, Gemilut Chasadim and Tikkun Olam, exemplify the Jewish community’s dedication to charitable causes. “The giving of loving kindness,” and, “repair of the world” are philosophies that mesh perfectly with the views of most Winnipeg Harvest volunteers and supporters, who have given food, time, and money to share with Manitobans in need since 1985.
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JNF seeks new exec. director Since its founding in 1901, Jewish National Fund has been committed to building Israel’s future as well as responding in times of crisis and need. Read the Full Story
Herzlia bids farewell to Rabbi and Rebetzen Ellis By BERNIE BELLAN
After seven years as rabbi of the Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun Synagogue, Rabbi Ari Ellis is moving on to a new position as rabbi of a synagogue in a Detroit suburb.
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Camp Massad dedicates expanded dormitory building in memory of Richard Tapper By MYRON LOVE Three years ago, Dr. Richard Tapper was taken from us – by cancer - at the very young age of 36. Read the Full Story


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Israelis say Pollard release won't change stance on Iran By BEN SALES TEL AVIV (JTA) -- Should the U.S. free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard later this year, many in Israel will celebrate the moment that they had hoped and fought for. Read the Full Story
Winnipegger pens honest look at her family’s four-year sojourn in Israel By BERNIE BELLAN
It’s one thing to visit Israel – it’s another thing to move there permanently, or at least with a mind to staying there permanently.
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Letter writers’ outrageous contention that Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism By MYRON LOVE
If anyone were to state that people of black or brown skin colour or people of aboriginal ancestry are to blame for white racism, they would rightly be roundly condemned as racist.
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Rady JCC fitness instructor Max Kretskiy was trained as a dancer By MEACHELLE BELLAN
Attending the Rady JCC sports facility is one of the best parts of my day. Why, you might ask?
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Why does David Matas devote himself to human rights? Why did you do that? The Autobiography of a Human Rights Advocate
From his base here in quiet, leafy, Winnipeg, David Matas has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the field of international human rights law and  related political advocacy.
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“Night Watching” - Meira Cook’s second novel an astonishing mix of pleasure and pain Reviewed by BERNIE BELLAN
I read “Nightwatching” in one long gulp – beginning Friday evening (July 3)  and grabbing every spare moment I had over the ensuing three days to finish reading this marvelous novel so that I could write a review in time for our July 8 issue.
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Ralph Nader targets ‘the Jews’and linguistically hijacks anti-Semitism  By RAFAEL MEDOFF/ Ralph Nader, the famous crusader against fraud and corruption, believes he has uncovered a horrific new injustice—and the perpetrators are “the Jews.” Read the Full Story

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Readers' Comments

  • Apology offered to anyone offended by a column
    4 weeks ago
    Hi all, I'm in the same boat as Mr Melanson, I've heard and read about the controversy, but not the article itself. Does anyone know where JPN is carried? Bernstein's Deli is near my house, would they carry it?


  • Apology offered to anyone offended by a column
    1 month ago
    I would like to read Mr. Marantz's column in its entirety. The excerpts I have read do not seem unfair. Characterizing the Indian Residential Schools as 'cultural genocide' is worse than being a half-truth and by doing so, I think Justice Murray Sinclair did pursue recrimination more than reconciliation.


  • Apology offered to anyone offended by a column
    1 month ago
    A social media phenomenon that has emerged is the portrayal of Indigenous roots by white supremacists to advance their agenda. All of them almost without exception use multiple aliases. I would not put much stock in what you read in support of Bill Marantz by self-identified "natives".