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Col. Miri Eisin (ret.) speaks to Solidarity Mission in Jerusalem Jerusalem, Aug. 21 By BERNIE BELLAN Last night Retired Colonel Miri Eisin spoke to a group of 18 Manitobans who are here in Israel as part of a "Solidarity Mission" that will take place over the next five days. Read the Full Story
Group of Winnipeggers heading to Israel Aug. 20 to show solidarity with Israel By BERNIE BELLAN After a previous effort to launch a "solidarity mission" to Israel that was supposed to leave July 25 fell through due to lack of time to get it organized, this time a group of at least 19 Canadians will be flying to Israel on Wednesday, Aug. 20 to express support for Israelis. Read the Full Story
Anger over sale of Gwen Secter Centre continues to grow As was first reported in the June 23rd issue of this paper, the Nartional Council of Jewish Women, which owns the building that houses the Gwen Secter Centre, has announced that the building is up for sale and that Gwen Secter will have to vacate the premises by May, 2016. Read the Full Story
Former Winnipegger highlights Tel Aviv in TV nightlife series By MYRON LOVE
Dale Burshtein is inviting readers to join her and her colleague, Annie Sibonney in a series of “one night stands”.
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Binun brothers excel at Ultimate Frisbee By BERNIE BELLAN If you've ever watched Ultimate Frisbee played, you realize it's a great way to engage in some healthy exercise while at the same time enjoying a friendly, if spirited form of competition. Read the Full Story
Michael Spivak: Editor of Russian language Winnipeg newspaper wears many hats By REBECA KUROPATWA Not many people can talk and write about legendary places and changing times like Michael Spivak. Read the Full Story
The Jewish Foundation's David Greaves volunteers in Israel A couple of weeks ago, David Greaves, Director of Development & Marketing for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, took a leave of absence to volunteer in Israel. David has been working with an organization known as "Lev Echad". Yesterday David sent me an e-mail in which he included an account of what he's been doing while in Israel: Read the Full Story
Local talent to be showcased August 23rd at West End Cultural Centre By BERNIE BELLAN Are you old enough to remember the Ed Sullivan Show? Read the Full Story


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The business of doing good” - according to Phillip Haid By GERRY POSNER You might have thought that doing good was a simple thing and in fact, irrespective of what the “good” is, it usually is a simple act. But, who would have thought there was a business model in that act? Read the Full Story
Fighting back against enemies of the Jews – even when it seems hopeless By BERNIE BELLAN
What follows is not really a book review. After all, “The Avengers” was first released 14 years ago and, while there’s no deadline for reviewing any particular book, it hardly seems right to be “reviewing” a book that has been out there for so long.
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Panelists agree: Jewish media need to change with the times By BERNIE BELLAN
The problems facing Jewish newspapers, similar to the situation facing newspapers everywhere in the world are daunting: Aging readerships and increased competition from other media, especially the Internet.
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“Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, or Paranoia?” A conversation with Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League By BERNIE BELLAN
Abraham Foxman has been the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League for 27 years. He has announced that he will be retiring in July, 2105.
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Israel's high tech sector is booming - my recent visit to 4 high-tech centres By BERNIE BELLAN
Israel’s prowess in high technology has been well known for quite some time. No doubt it was the release of the phenomenally popular book “Start-Up Nation” in 2009 that really triggered interest in much of the rest of the world in finding out how it is that such a tiny country has been able to zoom to near the top of the world’s leaders in high tech innovation.
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Former Russian “refuseniks” rise to heights of Israeli political scene By BERNIE BELLAN
Yuli Edelstein and Natan Sharansky followed similar tracks before coming to Israel in the 1990s. They were both “prisoners of conscience” in the former Soviet Union and both were solidly defiant in refusing to plead guilty to any of the trumped-up charges that had been leveled against them by Soviet authorities.
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Sun Media presents 40-minute video on anti-Israel media bias The Sun Media network has done a full-scale program examining anti-Israel media bias. Watch the complete video at Read the Full Story


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Kaufman Child Care Centre receives glowing praise Introduction: Recently  Mark Horowitz, JCC Association Vice-President, Early Childhood Education & Family Engagement, visited Winnipeg to observe the day care program at the Rady JCC. Horowtiz was so impressed by what he saw that he decided to write about his experience visiting that day care. Following is what he wrote: Read the Full Story
Conservative MP Joyce Bateman on the situation in Israel By JOYCE BATEMAN
I want to make sure my position is clear for all your readers.
I applaud Prime Minister Harper’s leadership and response to the recent terrorist acts on Israel.
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Liberal candidate Jim Carr on the situation in Israel By JIM CARR
Yet again, the world witnesses the heart wrenching images of suffering and grief in Israel and Gaza. The seemingly endless conflict continues to take its bloody toll.
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Some thoughts on how Winnipeg Jews have been reacting to the situation in Israel By BERNIE BELLAN Ever since the start of Operation Protective Edge on July 8 Jews around the world have been watching events unfold in Israel and Gaza with increasing trepidation. Read the Full Story

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  • Little intolerant mosque on the Prairie
    3 weeks ago
    I agree with the comments that the allegations made here aren't true. Both homosexuality and Judaism are not only mentioned in this series, but defended. Sure, the former wasn't mentioned after the 1st season, but that was sufficient and I haven't seen other complaints. Nate, one of the recurring ...


  • Op-Ed: The Israeli left's growing pragmatism
    1 month ago
    As I view this item today, there is absolutely no clue as to what epoch, let alone date, this was published. Bernie Bellan responds: August, 2012


  • Justin Trudeau is more than just a pretty face
    1 month ago
    M. Ostrove`s love poem to justin was so sweet it gives one diabetes. This man child`s private sector accomplishments were, being a substitute drama teacher. He grew up a millionaire, has lawyers manage hi trust fund and owns million dollar cars. What does he promise to do to Canada? Look to the USA for ...