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Jewish Federation letter re controversial column The Jewish Federation has asked that we post a letter from them. Click here to read the letter: jewish federation letter Read the Full Story
Apology offered to anyone offended by a column By BERNIE BELLAN A recent column by Bill Marantz has provoked quite a negative feedback. Without going into the detail of that column, which appeared in the June 24, 2015 issue of The Jewish Post & News, much of that column contained inflammatory language which should not have been allowed to go in unedited. Read the Full Story
Elaine Goldstine named Federation Interim CEO On Friday, June 26, at 4:34 pm, we received a notification from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. Normally, governments and private corporations that want an announcement to be paid as little attention as possible because they're embarrassed about its contents wait until the last possible moment Friday afternoon to release that announcement. That way they miss the usual news cycle. Read the Full Story
Jewish Foundation holds 2015 Book of Life Signing event Sunday, June 14 By BERNIE BELLAN
Departing from its past custom of holding “Book of Life” signing events in the fall, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba held this year’s event Sunday evening, June 14.
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Gayle Waxman, Bob Freedman honoured There was quite a bit happening in our community these past two weeks.In addition to the bloodletting at the top of the Jewish Federation there were honours bestowed upon two long-serving heads of Jewish organization - Gayle Waxman, Executive Director of the Rady JCC, and Bob Freedman, former CEO of the Jewish Federation. Read the Full Story
Noah Palansky on his way to raising $1 million for cancer research By MYRON LOVE Noah and Lexi Palansky’s mother, Naomi, was originally diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in April, 2008. Sadly, she passed away in November, 2010, at the age of 46, leaving to mourn her husband, Bruce, as well as her two children. Read the Full Story
Danielle Weidman one of the co-founders of Camp Quality By MYRON LOVE Eleven years ago, Danielle Weidman was one of the co-founders of Camp Quality, Manitoba’s first camp for children who are going through cancer treatments or have had cancer, as well as their siblings. Read the Full Story
JCFS honours the many agencies and organizations that cooperate with JCFS in providing services During the Jewish Child & Family Service’s Annual General Meeting on June 8, representatives of  different agencies and organizations that work with JCFS to provide services of one sort or another to members of our community were on hand to receive certificates of appreciation from JCFS. Read the Full Story
Allocations to Jewish agencies cut back – but not by nearly as much as had been feared By BERNIE BELLAN
After 15 consecutive years of growth in the amount of money that was available to be allocated to the agencies that receive funding from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, there was some $85,250 less available to be allocated this year.
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Turmoil at the top of the Jewish Federation By BERNIE BELLAN
In a move that must have come as a shock to many in the Winnipeg Jewish community, Adam Bronstone, who had been CEO of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg since August 2014, is no longer CEO.
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Who says history can’t repeat itself? By GERRY POSNER Whoever said history cannot repeat itself ought to have a conversation with Drs. Marty Koyle and Ken Wolch, former Winnipeggers living in Toronto. Read the Full Story
Immigration and the To Do list By JOANNE SEIFF When Bernie Bellan asked me if I might write for this paper, he suggested writing about the Jewish newcomer experience in Winnipeg. Upon reflection, I realized that this experience is as individual as the newcomers themselves. Read the Full Story
Dr. Harvey Chochinov on “Dignity and Reflections on End-of-Life Care” By BERNIE BELLAN
One of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of palliative care, Dr. Harvey Chochinov, was the special guest speaker at the Jewish Child and Family Service’s Annual General Meeting June 8.
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Winnipegger Michael Rubenfeld’s wedding in Krakow By MYRON LOVE
When Cary Rubenfeld’s son, Michael, first told his father that he and his fiancée, Magda Koralewska, wanted to be married in Krakow, Rubenfeld’s initial response was something along the lines of “count us out”.
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SYD GLOW Syd Glow, 85 passed away peacefully at the Simkin Center on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015. Read the Full Story
BDS is anti-Semitism By MYRON LOVE
The boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel – most visibly on North American university campuses – is without a doubt fueled by anti-Semitism.
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Lessons Adam Bronstone might have learned By BERNIE BELLAN
I was talking with the editor of the Canadian Jewish News, Yoni Goldstein, who told me he has been following with rapt attention my postings on our website about what’s been going on in our Winnipeg Jewish Federation.
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Who is Rhonda Spivak to preach about honesty and integrity? By BERNIE BELLAN
In 2009 Rhonda Spivak had someone create a website for her. Before she launched that website, however, someone within the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg was able to obtain for Rhonda the complete Jewish Federation e-mail database - something that was supposed to have remained absolutely confidential.
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