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Former Winnipegger Hartley Odwak’s circuitous path to archaeology By REBECA KUROPATWA
When Hartley Odwak (48) was growing up in Winnipeg’s north end, he did not yet know what he wanted to do one day for a career.
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Congregation Etz Chayim honours long time Torah reader Leon Berger By MYRON LOVE
It was a special Shabbat on November 1 at Congregation Etz Chayim as the members of the congregation honored Leon Berger, their long-time Torah reader who officially retired at Rosh Hashonah.
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Winnipeg Jewish Theatre reopens with fabulous show By BERNIE BELLAN That was quite a different scene at the opening performance of the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre last night (Saturday, Dec. 13). The Berney Theatre was packed – in contrast to typical performances of the WJT over the past number of years where productions were sparsely attended. Read the Full Story
Barish brothers inducted into Ice Cream Hall of Fame By MYRON LOVE On Thursday, November 13, the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors (IAICDV) inducted brothers Sid and Earl Barish into the association’s five-year-old Hall of Fame. Read the Full Story
MP Joy Smith and MLA Gord Mackintosh haven’t given up on saving Gwen Secter Centre at its current location By BERNIE BELLAN
The ongoing saga of the sale of the Gwen Secter Centre building has taken on a new twist with the apparent determination of the two politicians who had indicated outright opposition to that sale to continue the fight to halt the sale.
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Rady JCC’s BBYO is Thriving - Red River Region is on the Map! By: Halley Ritter, Matthew Slusky, and Michael Newman
The Rady JCC’s BBYO program has been busier than ever. Since you’ve last heard from us here in Red River Region, there has been quite a bit of excitement for Jewish teens in Winnipeg!
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Third generation of Cantors now running long-established Winnipeg grocery By REBECA KUROPATWA
Ed Cantor, current manager of Cantor’s Quality Meats & Groceries, has been working for the company since the age of 14, having become a full-time employee when he turned 18. He has now been part of Cantor’s crew for about 35 years.
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Chabad Lubavitch holds another successful Hecla Island weekend retreat By BERNIE BELLAN
In what promises to become an annual tradition, the Chabad Lubavitch held another very successful weekend retreat at the newly revamped Hecla Island Resort, now owned and operated by Lakeview Hotels.
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Touching up my Winnipeg roots By SYBIL ADELMAN SAGE
Everyone who cares knows that David Steinberg and Monty Hall were born in Winnipeg, but only the most dogged researcher (probably my mother) would find me on the list of Most Popular People as there are 214 others ahead of me, still more respectable than my placement at 590 out of 873 on the Famous People list.
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The gift of a Neaman By GERRY POSNER
Many of us would like a piece of immortality, but that goal remains elusive for most of us. The late Morris Neaman of Winnipeg had at least a slice of that piece of immortality in the mind and memory of Henry Bernick of Toronto.
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Bill Marantz wrote Len Cariou's first-ever TV role By BILL MARANTZ Anybody a fan of Unforgettable - the TV show in which a female detective solves crime by means of a photographic memory?
Me neither.
I watch because my wife likes it.
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New book says Ukrainian revolution has no anti-Semitic overtones By MARTIN ZEILIG
In an essay, “Let the Past Collapse on Time” (The New York Review of Books, May 8, 2014), the award-winning Russian novelist and short story/screenplay writer Vladimir Sorokin observed that the recent Ukrainian revolution was indeed directed against “the heirs of the ruthless empire, built by Stalin, that enslaved whole peoples, created a devastating famine in Ukraine, and carried out purges and mass repressions.”
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“Emiliano’s Discovery” an impressive debut for former Winnipegger Paula Hurwitz Reviewed by BERNIE BELLAN
A couple of years ago a book titled “Ravenscraig” hit the market. It was written by former Winnipegger Sandi Krawchenko Altner, and it dealt with aspects of Winnipeg’s history that were probably little known to most of its readers.
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Modern epic poem reaches for the moon By DAVE GORDON In 1969, Frederick Glaysher, while watching the televised broadcast of the first lunar landing, was bewildered when an anchorman touted the scientific accomplishments of the day, wryly stating that there were no poets on the moon. Read the Full Story


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Pro-Israel app aims to counter flurry of BDS ones/Winnipeg stores carrying Israeli products The latest Israel technology wasn’t developed at the Technion, nor was it hatched by a startup in Tel Aviv. In fact, it didn’t come from Israel at all. Read the Full Story
Helicopter tour, high school reunion high points for Vickar family Israel tour By MYRON LOVE
For Tova Vickar, the recent Vickar Family trip to Israel was a highly emotional experience. For the first time since she left Israel 43 years ago, she went back to her old high school – Megiddo Regional High School (formerly the Harei Efrayim School) - on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet.
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Perception of growing Israeli isolation does not match reality By MYRON LOVE
The stories we read in the media about Israel’s growing isolation paint a dire picture for the Jewish homeland – but it is a false picture.
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More comments on Independent Jewish Voices Israeli Apartheid? Hardly
Tyler Levitan’s letter (“Israel does violate Palestinian human rights”, Nov. 12) decrying Israel’s alleged violation of Palestinian human rights is just more shop-worn propaganda from anti-Israel scolds disguised as truth.
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Synagogues need to nurture "relationships" rather than concentrate on "programming" Here we go again: Yet another Israeli election. That makes five in the past 11 years. Read the Full Story

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