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Politicians Joy Smith and Gord Mackintosh term proposed sale of Gwen Secter Centre "utterly unacceptable" By BERNIE BELLAN MP Joy Smith and MLA (and provincial Cabinet Minister) Gord Mackintosh expressed anger over the proposed sale of Gwen Secter Centre in an e-mail sent to me today from Gord Mackintosh's office. Here is that e-mail:  “The proposed sale is utterly unacceptable because of its impact on so many. We have met with the NCJW to understand their financials and rationale and to challenge their approach and we are now meeting with the Jewish Federation to determine its position, role and options. When we have received further information about the circumstances that have led to this point we will publicly comment.” Read the Full Story
New data from StatsCan tells us more about our Winnipeg Jewish community: Our population is way down, not up! By BERNIE BELLAN In my ongoing search to establish verifiable data about both the size of our Jewish population and where we live, I have been working with a statistician from StatsCan to produce tables of information that had not previously existed. Using data that were gathered during the 2011 National Household Survey, but which had to be produced from previously unmined statistics, we now have a much better picture of how our Jewish population in Winnipeg skews, both by age and geographical location. Read the Full Story
BBYO Beat: Rady JCC’s BBYO Program opens for business for 2014-15 By MATTHEW SLUSKY, RRR Regional Mazkir BBYO is the world’s leading Jewish youth movement! A program of the Rady JCC, it is the largest Jewish organization in Winnipeg for teens. Open to students in Grades 9 –12, it includes a variety of programming such as Shabbat dinners, coffee houses, and much more. Read the Full Story
David Topper’s latest book: “Idolatry & Infinity: Of Art, Math, & God” By MARTIN ZEILIG “Infinity has ruffled feathers in mathematics almost since the field’s beginning.”– “To Settle Infinity Dispute, a New Law of Logic” by Natalie Wolchover (Quanta Magazine November 26, 2013) Read the Full Story
Etz Chayim/Shaarey Zedek merger talks getting serious By MYRON LOVE After a couple of years of informal discussions, the prospect of a merger between Winnipeg’s two largest congregations has moved to a new level. Read the Full Story
A look at local Jewish school trustee candidates By REBECA KUROPATWA This year there are five Jewish candidates (that we know of) who are running for school trustee positions in various Winnipeg school divisions.  Read the Full Story
Israeli journalist and Orthodox feminist Naomi Rogen to appear at Tarbut By  BERNIE BELLAN Naomi Ragen is a prolific and best-selling author of nine novels, most of which have to do with the plight of women in the Haredi (ultraOrthodox) community in Israel. She is also an occasional contributor to many publications, including The Jerusalem Post. Ragen moved to Israel in 1971 from her native New York and has lived there ever since. Read the Full Story
Career changes for law society CEO, Human Rights Commission vice-chair By MYRON LOVE Coincidentally, two lawyers long involved in community service have recently made significant career changes. Elliot Leven has just stepped down from his position as vice-chair of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission (and left his firm Myers Weinberg) for a new role.  Read the Full Story


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Don’t tell David Blatt that you can never go home again By HARVEY ROSEN And so it has come to pass that the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers have brought in a Jewish ringer ….of sorts. The gentleman is nobody’s fool either and it’s not because he majored in English literature at Princeton, where he honed his skills as a point guard with the basketball Tigers. Read the Full Story
Former Winnipegger (and world-famous opera singer) Belva Boroditsky Thomas publishes memoir By BERNIE BELLAN I first came across Belva Boroditsky Thomas’s writing last year when I was at an event at the Shafestbury Retirement Residence during which a piece of her writing titled “An Adventure Like No Other” was read out. In that piece, Belva described how she met her husband, Michael Thomas, when she was in Wales. Read the Full Story
Another Wilder in the news By GERRY POSNER Mention the names of Joe and Sam Wilder and most everyone in town - and for sure in the Jewish community, will know who you‘re talking about. Read the Full Story
Lynda Fishman’s life experience has taught her about persevering through tragedy By BERNIE BELLAN On July 5, 1970 all 108 passengers and crew aboard Air Canada Flight 621 from Los Angeles to Toronto were killed when the airplane they were in crashed into a field near Toronto. Read the Full Story


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Israel not to blame for lack of Palestinian human rights By MYRON LOVE Walking into our new Canadian Museum for Human Rights for the official opening ceremonies on Friday, September 19, I passed a half dozen individuals I assume were of Palestinian Arab origin, who were standing outside protesting the lack of human rights for Palestinians. They (five adults and one child) were all wearing white shirts on which were written “Got Rights? Palestinians Don’t.” Read the Full Story
Is the north end finished as a home for Winnipeg Jews? By BERNIE BELLAN Of all the statistics that are shown in my article  about our declining Winnipeg Jewish population I admit the article looks more like an academic paper than a newspaper article), the ones that I think readers will find the most important, and perhaps the most alarming,  are the ones showing the dramatic drop in the number of north end Jews from 2001-2011. Read the Full Story

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Readers' Comments

  • Shaarey Zedek Cemetery tour a step back into Winnipeg Jewish history
    2 weeks ago
    Hello Lynn! My wife Margreet visited her grandparents (the Bramer family) who emigrated to Winnipeg in the early 1950.Her granddad was responsable for a enormous Jewish Cemetery west of Winnipeg. They lived in a wooden, gray painted house on the cemetery. He also workes in the synagoge if neccessary.


  • All the facts point to Winnipeg's Jewish population having shrunk - not grown
    3 weeks ago
    Shame on your article...inter marriage is not a does not deplete our Jewishness. Your article has hints of nazi propaganda....w e as Jews have segregated ourselves in this city.....tell me how many of you have had a black person ever in your houses? Is there not enough in this world to worry ...


  • Israel's 13 billionaires
    1 month ago
    The Jewish Federations of America, the American Jewish community, the Jewish media and news service, the KKL or Israel’s JNF and Israel’s Department of Agriculture and we are allowing Arabs to steal our pasture and grazing land in Israel. Help put a stop to it by helping the Israel Longhorn ...


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