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URGENT: Winnipeg Walks the Talk Solidarity Mission to Israel – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE Posted July 24: We received the following communication from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg regarding an emergency mission that's being hurriedly put together: Dear Friends, In response to a strong approach by prominent community members, our colleagues from the Centre from Israel and Jewish Affairs and our Winnipeg Federation staff are now putting together an emergency mission. Read the Full Story
Video of scenes from the Winnipeg rallies on this website By BERNIE BELLAN Posted July 22: Another article in "Local News" describes the circumstances that led to Winnipeg having not just one - but two different rallies of Israel supporters. Elsewhere on this site (at watch a video of a montage of scenes - primarily from the afternoon rally, that show the energy brought by the 100 or so supporters of Israel who turned out in the middle of rush hour. Read the Full Story
2 pro-Israel rallies today - one exciting; one not so exciting By BERNIE BELLAN (Updated July 21) The rally at Union Station was exuberant. Even though the later rally at the Asper Campus attracted a much bigger crowd than the one held this afternoon on Main Street (and later at the Human Rights Museum), the energy of the 100 or so who showed up for the afternoon rally far surpassed the energy exhibited at the Campus. (How many speeches from politicians and other dignitaries do you have to listen to anyway?) In the days to come we'll be posting more photos from both rallies - along with video clips. Keep checking this site. Read the Full Story
Scenes from the fabulously successful Russian-Israeli picnic Updated July 22 We now have loads of pictures from the very successful picnic put on by Boris & Eka Mednikov this past Sunday (July 20). Here too is the original story that we first posted 2 weeks ago: Read the Full Story
Fringe Festival Previews As has become our custom in recent years, we are pleased to present previews of Winnipeg Fringe Festival shows that have some connection - however tenuous it may seem at times - to things Jewish. Click here to see the 2-page spread that was published in the July 9 issue of The Jewish Post & News. The festival starts July 16. For show times & other information about this year's festival go to Read the Full Story
Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre looking for new home By MYRON LOVE
It is now official. As of May 31, 2016, the Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre – after 28 years at the corner of Smithfield and Main Street - will have to vacate its current premises and relocate somewhere else.
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BB Camp buys its campsite from Town of Kenora after 60 years of leasing By BERNIE BELLAN
A little over three weeks ago we received a media release about the City of Kenora titled “City Considers the Sale of a Portion of Town Island”.
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Hannah Blatt this year's Jewish Athlete of the Year By HARVEY ROSEN Congratulations to the 2014 “Jewish Athlete of the Year.” HANNAH BLATT. At age 15 she surely must be the youngest nominee to have ever captured the award. Read the Full Story


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Some impressions of our trip to Poland & Israel By MEACHELLE BELLAN In Warsaw we walked through an area called Old Town where we visited sites that hadn’t been demolished during the Second World War. There is very little left of the ghetto. Read the Full Story
Winnipeg lawyer survives near death experience atop California’s highest mountain
By MYRON LOVE Clive Ramage was ready to die.
The lawyer from Winnipeg who is well known in the Orthodox Jewish community here (he attends services at Talmud Torah Beth Jacob Synagogue) was 13,000 feet up Mount Whitney, California’s highest mountain, in mid-January, wearing light clothing and with darkness setting in.
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Peres and Netanyahu a study in contrasts - seen live at the Jewish Media Summit By BERNIE BELLAN
Soon-to-be retired Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu come from divergent spectrums of the Israeli political landscape – Peres being the old Labour Party warhorse, with Netanyahu the right-wing heir to the Likud Party mantle that he inherited from the late Menachem Begin.
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"My Promised Land" issues strong condemnation of settlements Reviewed by JOSEPH LEVEN
Ari Shavit is a journalist who writes for Haaretz which is generally considered to be a left-of-centre newspaper very much opposed to the settlements.
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On the way to Israel we stopped in Poland By BERNIE BELLAN Some random thoughts after a quick three days in Poland on the way to Israel: Read the Full Story
3 major appointments within Winnipeg Jewish community - but not one of them is a woman By BERNIE BELLAN I learned of the two recent announcements of appointments of senior executives for the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and Jewish Child and Family Service while I was in Israel. Read the Full Story
Writer, researcher sees first hand Israel-Palestinian co-operation, how Palestinian authority corruption interferes By MYRON LOVE
In 2010-2011, American writer and researcher Aaron Menenberg had an opportunity to work directly with Palestinian farmers in Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank) and witnessed first hand how the corruption of the Palestinian Authorities weighs heavily on Palestinians under their rule.
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  • Op-Ed: The Israeli left's growing pragmatism
    3 days ago
    As I view this item today, there is absolutely no clue as to what epoch, let alone date, this was published. Bernie Bellan responds: August, 2012


  • Justin Trudeau is more than just a pretty face
    1 week ago
    M. Ostrove`s love poem to justin was so sweet it gives one diabetes. This man child`s private sector accomplishments were, being a substitute drama teacher. He grew up a millionaire, has lawyers manage hi trust fund and owns million dollar cars. What does he promise to do to Canada? Look to the USA for ...


  • Dr. Gerald Minuk leading the fight against liver cancer
    2 weeks ago
    My mother went for a physical in march 2014 as her right side was sore had nausea headaches night sweats tingling in her feet sore aching shoulders no energy sore and tingling mouth. Dr checked her out noted liver enlarged. Had ultrasound done. Spot noted. We had a family member years ago that had ...


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