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Yom Ha'atzmaut at the Campus April 23 The community came out in force to celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut at the Asper Campus on Thursday, April 23. Watch a video collage from that evening on this website at Read the Full Story
Yom Hashoah ceremony April 16 draws large crowd Over 200 members of the Jewish community, along with quite a few invited dignitaries, attended this year's Yom Hashoah ceremony on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature Thursday, April 16.  Read more to see a photo montage from the day's events. Read the Full Story
Herzlia congregants band together to renovate their synagogue building By BERNIE BELLAN  After years of hopes and setbacks the Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun congregation is finally seeing some major improvements being made to the building at Brock and Fleet that has been its home since 1955. Read the Full Story
Anthropological archaeologist Haskel Greenfield reaches career pinnacle with distinguished professor recognition By MYRON LOVE Haskel Greenfield, Professor of Anthropol-ogy and Archaeology at the University of Manitoba and co-director (with his wife, Professor Tina Green-field) of the university’s Near Eastern and Biblical Archaeology Lab, has achieved a career pinnacle. He has been recognized as one of the university’s “Distinguished Professors”. Read the Full Story
BB Camp alumnus GG’s 2015 Visual and Media Arts award recipient By REBECA KUROPATWA Born and raised in Winnipeg, Micah Lexier graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba in 1982 and, in 1984, with a Masters in Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Read the Full Story
Phil Spevack recipient of Lieutenant Governor’s “Make a Difference” Community Award By BERNIE BELLAN
Among this year’s winners of a Lieutenant Governor’s Make a Difference Community Award is Phil Spevack. (The ceremony during which award recipients  received their awards  took place April 14.)
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Erin Goldberg wins NSERC’s Science, Action! By REBECA KUROPATWA When asked whether she anticipated she would win a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Science, Action grant, Erin Goldberg (26), humbly replied that she has always been a creative person and enjoys translating her research for laymen and women. Read the Full Story
“Well-Done Manitoba” bringing new comfort to the community and beyond By REBECA KUROPATWA
A new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company has recently sprung onto the Winnipeg scene, headed up by three newcomers from Israel who now call Winnipeg home.
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Camp Massad holds fund-raising floor hockey tournament in memory of Richard Tapper By BERNIE BELLAN
When Richard Tapper passed away three years ago at the young age of 35, he left a void, not just in the Winnipeg Jewish community, but the entire community, that can likely never be filled.
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Former Winnipeg Jewish Theatre Artistic Director Michael Nathanson arrested at Manitoba border By BERNIE BELLAN Was the WJT board asleep at the switch? Why did it take the police so long to act? By the time you read this there may have been more information disclosed about circumstances surrounding the arrest of former WJT artistic director and general manager Michael Nathanson, but with the information that has been made publicly available, many questions remain to be answered. Read the Full Story


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Does Don Draper want to be Jewish? By GABE FRIEDMAN (JTA) – In the weeks before the beginning of the final season of “Mad Men,” the show’s creator Matthew Weiner did rounds of interviews on his Jewish roots. Read the Full Story
Pembina Highway eatery serves fabulous Middle Eastern food By BERNIE BELLAN
Many years ago I decided to write a review of what I thought were the best places to get a falafel in Winnipeg. At that time there weren’t all that many eateries serving falafel – and the ones that were in existence were primarily Jewish-owned.
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The (Out)Law Class of 1960 - part 2 By BILL MARANTZ Most of my law school classmates and I were about the same age, early twenties, but we had a handful of “returning” students, married men who had opted for the legal profession after spending a few years actually working for a living. Read the Full Story
An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir offers firsthand proof that Islam and liberalism are incompatible Reviewed by BERNIE BELLAN
I hadn’t heard of Phyllis Chesler prior to my reading An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir so, like many of the other books that were the subjects for this past year’s “People of the Book” club at the Rady JCC, I had no idea what to expect.
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Jewish Learning: Just Do It! By JOANNE SEIFF In March, Rabbi Sid Schwarz visited Winnipeg to offer innovative ideas for building community. In his Saturday Limmud lecture, he focused on his book, Jewish Megatrends: Charting the Course of the American Jewish Future. Read the Full Story


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Cotler’s decision to abstain on vote to extend Canada’s mission against ISIL was wrong By ALEX ARENSON Goodbye to Irwin Cotler M.P. I understand he won’t be seeking re-election in the Montreal riding of Mount Royal, which he has represented since 1999. Read the Full Story
Struggle to renovate Herzlia shows how difficult it is to mount capital campaigns these days By BERNIE BELLAN The remarkable progress that the members of the Herzlia congregation have made in renovating their building might serve as an example for others in our community of how sheer determination can see a dream turn into reality. Read the Full Story

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  • Ben-Gurion University panel to focus on latest developments in treating brain injuries
    3 weeks ago
    Our granddaughter,1 1 years old was diagnosed with concussion after smacking her head on a concrete floor during a basketball play outdoors. She had a headache and was extremely light sensitive, dizzy etc. I am concerned there was not adequate concern by the medical profession in that the only Tx was ...


  • Sometimes it's hard to report the news
    2 months ago
    Norbert, you are misreading the Talmud. Although, given what you write, it is unlikely you've ever opened a volume of this publication.


  • Sometimes it's hard to report the news
    2 months ago
    Hard to report? Where is your reporting as to Chabad being exposed in Australia as protectors and enablers of pedophiles? The top Orthodox Rabbi in Australia, among others, was forced to resign from every position except shochet after being exposed publicly of lying in his testimony. And what did ...


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