The River - an excerpt from a new novel by former Winnipegger Zev Coehn

Cohen Zev 2019Introduction: The following story is an excerpt from a longer story in Zev Cohen’s new novel titled “Are You Still Alive?”
As Zev wrote to us recently, “this is Chapter One of my novel, "Are You Still Alive?" It is partially based on events recounted to me by my late father Moshe. The story, beyond being one of the countless tales of Jewish survival against all odds during the Holocaust, is also an allegory for the indomitable human spirit intertwined with Rabbi Akiva's maxim ‘V’havta l’raecha kamocha’. I hope to have the complete novel published soon.
Zev’s writing has appeared several times in the past in this paper. His collection of short stories, titled “Twilight in Saigon,” was published in 2021.
Born in Israel, Zev lived in Winnipeg until he was 17, when he returned to Israel with his parents. He now spends half the year in Israel and half the year in Calgary, where his two sons live.

Rosie Sharp: wife of Four Seasons Hotels founder Issy Sharp lays it all out in her memoir

book cover edited 1By BERNIE BELLAN I’m not much for reading autobiographies; I prefer to read someone else’s account of a person’s life because I figure you’re much more likely to find out what someone’s life was truly like when it was written by someone else - warts and all.
However, when I was asked whether I might like to receive an advance copy of the memoir of Rosalie Sharp whose name, to be honest, was unfamiliar to me - but who, I was informed, was the wife of Four Seasons Hotel founder Isadore Sharp - I thought: Sure, it’s always interesting to read of the lives of the rich and famous – and when they’re Jewish and Canadian to boot, let’s go for it.

Palm oil is ubiquitous - yet the farming of palm oil trees is environmentally disastrous

"Planet Palm"
author Jocelyn Zuckerman

By MARTIN ZEILIG Palm oil has been criticized by many, including scientists, activists and organizations such as Greenpeace and the Palm Oil Investigations, notes online information.
In a report published by the BBC, environmentalists argue that the farming of oil palm trees is having damaging effects on the environment.

First cousins play leadership roles in local amateur hockey circles

l-r: Ben Blankstein/Ian McCarton

By MYRON LOVE Ian MacArton and Ben Blankstein are first cousins who share a passion for hockey – a passion which has led to leadership roles in amateur hockey in Winnipeg and Manitoba respectively.

Robyn Braha has been involved in dance all her life, but recently she’s found a new love: balloon building

Robyn Braha surrounded by
some of the 500,000 balloons at
"Give the Kids a World Village"

By BERNIE BELLAN For Robyn Braha, dance has been an integral part of her life for over 40 years. A former dance director with the Chai Folk Ensemble, which she joined when she was 16, in 1997 Robyn also started her own dance company, known as “Beyachad, Robyn Braha School of Dance.”

A well-known senior.... whose name became a clue in a recent Free Press crossword puzzle!

Lou Billinkoff, in 2018,
at age 95, set the
Canadian record in the
100 metre dash

A couple of weeks back we received an email from another ageless senior, former sprinter Lou Billinkoff.
Lou didn’t actually start running until he was 89 years old - and after he had suffered a mild heart attack.His doctor recommended that he go through a rehab program at the Reh-Fit Centre.

New film about incredible Fink family

The world's oldest surviving
Holocaust survivor siblings (l-r):
Anne Novak, Sally Singer,
Sol Fink, Ruth Zimmer

By BERNIE BELLAN We were recently contacted by Allan Novak, who is the son of Anne Novak. Anne is one of four Fink siblings – the others being sisters Sally Singer and Ruth Zimmer, while their lone brother is Sol Fink.

Faye Rosenberg-Cohen has been at the forefront of some of the most momentous changes in the history of Winnipeg’s Jewish community

Faye Rosenberg Cohen
Jewish Federation Chief
Planning & Allocations Officer

By BERNIE BELLAN Faye Rosenberg-Cohen is one of the longest serving staff members at the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. She actually got her start at the forerunner of the Federation, the Winnipeg Jewish Community Council. (During the course of our interview, she was able to find the date of her first day of employment at the WJCC: May 18, 1994.)

The Biggest Names In American Sports

Nikola Jovic

American sports are some of the biggest and best-loved on the planet. And while the sports are huge, it’s often the players who generate the interest and passion from fans. At present, and over the years, there have been some megastars gracing the scene, and many of them have gone on to become global icons.