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Borzykowskis edited 1By GERRY POSNER

Many happy returns for the Borzykowskis: First David & Julie, now Bryan & Lainie all back in Winnipeg...


And then there were more! The return to Winnipeg has started to catch on it seems, as two families, and brothers to boot, with their respective families, are part of this return. Bryan Borzykowski and his wife, Lainie Filkow, children Molly, Shae and Romi just moved back on June 29, while David Borzykowski and his wife, Julie Rubinger, returned in August of last year. They would say that although the pull to move away was strong, the pull to return was even greater.
Lainie left Winnipeg for Toronto in 2001 and Bryan a year later. In Toronto, Bryan studied journalism at Ryerson, where he graduated. Lainie started a teaching career at the Toronto Heschel School in 2002. The couple married in December 2005 and were very much into the life offered by the big city of Toronto. Bryan took his first job at Chart Magazine, then became a freelance music writer up until 2010. He also worked at  Canadian Business magazine in 2005, first as an associate editor and then as senior editor.

Since 2010, Bryan has worked independently, contributing to the New York Times, The Globe and Mail, CNN Money and other publications and media outlets on matters relating to personal finance and small business. Some readers might have seen him on CTV each Saturday night or else might have read his three personal finance books. Meanwhile, Lainie established a respected career in education. Her focus was on teaching senior and junior kindergarten, but she also rose through the ranks, becoming early years’ division head. The school even sent her to Harvard to study with the esteemed educator, Howard Gardner. Lainie also put in numerous volunteer hours at the school, helped the Heschel community raise money and boost enrolment through several programmes she led and organized. With all of that going for them, one might wonder why Bryan and Lainie would want to make the move back to the city of their origin.
It isn’t complicated. For starters, the return brings the family closer to the Borzykowski parents, Abe and Brenda. Sadly, Lainie’s parents, Ken and Sharon Filkow are both deceased, but being in the city will help their children connect even more with her family’s roots. Another big draw for the family is the cottage at Winnipeg Beach (where, in fact, they have gathered each year since 2010). Best of all, Bryan’s work as a journalist enables him to be anywhere - and Winnipeg is where he wants to be. There is, of course, a strong network of friends, a welcoming environment to raise children, and not to be forgotten: the Winnipeg Jets.

For brother David and his wife Julie, the move to Winnipeg occurred in August 2016  - just two weeks before they were married. This couple met in Winnipeg in 2010 and then it was not long before Julie (daughter of the late Morel and Lenore) and David were an item. In 2011 Julie was accepted to Ryerson University for a Masters of Arts in Communication & Design, and where she studied the psychology of fashion.
David and Julie then moved to Toronto in August 2011. David worked as the assistant director at the Toronto Campus Advocacy Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs from 2011-2014.  He continued in this area of communications when he took over as the marketing and communications manager at the Bialik Hebrew Day School from 2014-16. In the meanwhile, Julie began freelance copywriting for such big names in the Canadian fashion world as the Bay, Harry Rosen, and Holt Renfrew - to name a few. Yet, the desire to live in Winnipeg was strong. David was offered and subsequently accepted an offer to be the director of marketing and communications at the Gray Academy of Jewish Education, the same school from which he had graduated in 2001.

David sums his thoughts up regarding the return to Winnipeg very well: “ When we left Winnipeg in 2011, it wasn’t because we didn’t like the city. It was because Julie had the opportunity to pursue the only Masters of its kind in Canada… Once we got to Toronto, we fell in love with the city… Julie’s family ended up moving to Toronto over the years, so it became harder to leave.
“However, we always talked about coming back to be closer to our friends, my family and the community. When the opportunity at Gray came up, we realized the we owed it to ourselves to try out living in Winnipeg again. So far, it has been a great experience.”

Thus, in the Borzykowski boys, you have brothers who have followed the same path to Toronto and back, have made Winnipeg home and are now happy to tell anyone about it. This could be the start of something big as in Borzykowski.

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