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Cribbage tournaments bring Wolodarsky & Barish families together

At the joint Barish-Wolodarsky cribbage tournament: (l-r): Earl Barish’s grandson, Adam; Dave Chochinov, Howard Ryant (both in red Wolodarsky family shirts), and Earl's son, Andy Barish.

The year was 1992 and Brenda (Chochinov) Ryant was a new mother hanging out at the family cottage at Winnipeg Beach.

Winnipeg Fringe Festival performer Randy Ross has written a hilarious book – but boy, is it raunchy!

Randy Ross at Winnipeg Fringe Festival

"God Bless Cambodia"
By Randy Ross
Randy Ross is a writer, performer, and web consultant. I met Randy recently when I went to watch his Fringe show, titled “God Bless Cambodia”. I had printed a blurb about Randy’s upcoming show in our July 4 issue – along with blurbs for nine other shows that were going to feature Jewish performers.

Ian Rabb tells his story of recovery from addiction at Remis speakers’ forum

Ian Rabb speaking to Remis speakers' forum

Ian Rabb’s story is well-known. As someone who had fallen as low as one can go, then managed to pull himself up – with the aid of others, Rabb’s story of falling into a life of  addiction and despair, then managing to climb out of the enormous hole into which he had dug himself, is truly inspiring.