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So - if the 2016 census says that the number of individuals who say their ethnic origin is Jewish has radically declined, is there a possibility the census was actually correct?

2016 censusBy BERNIE BELLAN
By now, there have been quite a few reports (including in our own paper)  suggesting that  the most recent Canadian census (2016) has badly undercounted the number of individuals who would regard themselves as Jews - at least by ethnicity, if not by religion. (Note, however: Saying your ethnic origin is Jewish doesn’t necessarily mean that you consider yourself Jewish. It might simply be an observation about your ancestry.)

Canada’s only Jewish Federal Cabinet Minister Jim Carr in a year-end interview with the JP&N

It’s been a little more than two years since the Federal Liberals became the governing party of Canada’s House of Commons. Jim Carr, the Member for Winnipeg South Centre, is now Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources – a portfolio he has held since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formed his first Cabinet.

Retiring community relations director Shelley Faintuch looking forward to future projects

Shelley FaintuchBy MYRON LOVE
On Wednesday, November 29, over 120 people friends, colleagues and others that Shelley Faintuch has worked with over the years attended a farewell reception in the foyer of the Berney Theatre for the soon-to-be former Community Relations Director who is leaving her post on December 15.

Dire situation of Jews in France discussed at recent event featuring former French residents

French Jews panelBy BERNIE BELLAN
An interesting discussion about the situation of the Jewish population of France took place Wednesday evening, December 6th, at the River Heights Community Centre. Once again, as seems to be the case so often these days, the discussion was organized jointly by Winnipeg Friends of Israel and Bridges for Peace.

Bryan Schwartz on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration

Bryan SchwartzBy BERNIE BELLAN
As much as it was interesting to hear Dr. Bryan Schwartz, Professor of Law at the University of Manitoba, expound upon the significance of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration at an event held Monday, November 27th, what was also noteworthy about this particular event was the size – and nature, of the crowd that turned out.

Justice Rosalie Abella delivers impassioned defence of the importance of the judiciary to a thriving democracy

Rosalie AbellaBy BERNIE BELLAN
I have to admit: Knowing Justice Rosalie Abella’s reputation as a staunch (small “l”) liberal, and someone who has long championed the judiciary’s expanding the notion of “rights” in Canadian society, I was hesitant to ask her a question in which I was going to quote from a recent article by Conrad Black, in which he directly challenged the notion that our courts should be advancing rights.