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While the Asper Campus parking lot is often packed - many spaces reserved for staff & students remain unused

parking lotBy BERNIE BELLAN
Okay, the following story is not of earth-shaking importance…it’s just one of those typical kinds of stories that can work individuals like me into a high dudgeon.
It was on Monday, November 28 that I really noticed the ridiculous imbalance between reserved and non-reserved parking stalls in the Asper Campus parking lot. It was 9:30 a.m. and I was there to attend the Rady JCC wellness fair.

הגירה רוסית-ישראלית לויניפג למה ואיך

Eka Mednikovבהיותי מהגרת רוסיה-ישראלית, תושבת ויניפג כמעט 9 שנים, אני חושבת שאני מבינה את הסיבה להגירה מישראל לקנדה וכן, לסיבה שרובינו במקור מרוסייה יש בעיני גם השפעה לא קטנה אבל זה כבר נושא אחר

Israeli journalist-filmmaker presents documentary about Israelis not coming to terms with results of 1948 war

By BERNIE BELLAN Lia TarachanskyIt’s not something that some Jews may want to hear about, but for Israeli journalist Lia Tarachansky, owning up to certain aspects of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence is something that she does not want  to be glossed over.