StollersBy GERRY POSNER Three brothers, each connected to the world of business and finance, each born and raised in Winnipeg- and each making his mark in the world in some fashion.

That statement sums up the Stoller boys: Danny, Bobby and Michael. One might wonder whether this was predictable, given that the odds were in many ways stacked against them. But, the boys are where they are and their accomplishments are a testimony to hard work, good genetics and a strong foundation laid by their parents. Maybe there were other factors that channeled the three brothers along the right path, but if so, talk to them to discover those other factors.
Take a look at the history of the Stoller sons, children of the late Leonard and Elaine (Lee). Danny, the eldest son, and now 46, a student at the Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate up until the end of Grade 10, and later a graduate of the University of Winnipeg Collegiate, took a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Manitoba and later a Master of Accountancy there as well. He became a Chartered Accountant following in the career path of his father Leonard.
After articles at the then Arthur Andersen, he worked at Investors Group from 1998-2006 and then had a nine-year stint with Cardinal Capital Management. In 2015, he joined Quadrant Asset Management and is now well ensconced there.  Well known as the past president of the Rady JCC, Danny presently sits on the board of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba with a role on the Grants, and Audit and Finance Committees. He is also a board member of the Asper Campus. In the mix of it all, he married the former Cara Schwartz and is father to three sons, Jacob, Josh and Alex.
Son No. 2 is Bobby, another University of Winnipeg graduate and well known once for his racquetball stardom. He did an undergraduate degree at the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, also obtained a law degree from the University of Manitoba, and later articled and was an associate for a short period at the large Toronto law firm of Aird and Berlis.
From that background he ended up in the business world as president of Textiles Amalgamated Inc. of Montreal, a company which is a leading distributor of home fashion products. He is married to a Montreal woman, Alyssa Yufe, and is father to two daughters, Sabrina and Jaclyn. Bobby is the only Stoller to live outside of Winnipeg.
The youngest son, Michael, followed his bothers to the University of Winnipeg. He also was a member of the Manitoba Provincial Racquetball team - just like Bobby. He did an undergraduate degree at the Asper School of Commerce (hons.), then entered the financial services industry as an investment advisor  with the Berkshire Group of Companies in 1998. In November of 2005, Michael moved to DundeeWealth, which was later acquired by ScotiaBank in 2011. Presently, Michael works at HollisWealth, which is, in fact, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scotia Capital Inc. Michael is married to Miriam (Schacter) and is father to two young girls, Reina and Madelyn.
What links these Stoller boys - aside from their genealogy, is the career path that has taken each of them into business and finance. One could speculate how that came about, but a starting point might be their father’s chosen field of chartered accountancy or perhaps it was their mother’s push to get them into an area suited for them.
Whatever the reason, it is hard not to look at these now young men, each well established in his own way, and reflect on just how much nachas Leonard and Elaine would have derived from seeing where their progeny ended up. The boys were only teenagers when their father died very suddenly, at age 46. Elaine was left with the job of going the rest of the way with her sons alone. And that she did and did well, until she too died prematurely as a result of a tragic car accident.
Given that the father was not around long to help direct his sons and that the mother, though around to help and support her boys, also had to deal with the day to day issues of life, one has to marvel at the results of their role as parents. Anyone who has children will tell you what a job it is from birth to adulthood and beyond and yet here is a case where the three boys have likely surpassed the lofty expectations of their parents.
The lessons taught to the Stoller sons by their parents were hard work and no expectations of anything being handed to you. Also, they learned the value of giving back. The boys must have paid attention to that parental pearl as they were donors to B’nai Brith Camp for what is now known as the Stoller Family Lighthouse, which replaced the previous one that was taken down by a storm in 2011. That was and is a real tribute to Leonard and Elaine Stoller, who are not here to share the joy of seeing the final product (their three sons) to date. As a consequence they cannot feel the nachas, but we, who are familiar with the story, can surely participate and delight in the success of their sons, Danny, Bobby and Michael.