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Harvey I. Pollock QC has seen more than his share of tragedy in his life – both personally and through the practice of law.

But the founder of Pollock & Company says that he derives a great deal of satisfaction from practicing law in being able to help  deliver a satisfactory result for his clients.
“To be able to make a client feel better is rewarding,” he says.
After 60 years in practice, Pollock is still enthusiastic aboutcoming to work every day – a joy that has even been enhanced these past few years by having not only his son, Martin, but also his grandsons, Ethan Pollock and Noah Globerman, practicing alongside him.
“It gives me great pleasure to be working with my son and grandsons,” he says. “I hope that they are able to derive as much pleasure and satisfaction from the practice of law as I have.”
Martin Pollock has been practicing law with his father since 1985.
“Martin was a student at Dalhousie Law School,” says his proud father, “and he is an excellent lawyer.”
Noah Globerman joined the family firm in 2012. “I always knew that Noah would join our firm one day,” Harvey says. “He and I work closely together. His area of preference is civil litigation involving estate disputes and medical malpractice.”
Ethan came on board in June  2017. His interest is in practicing criminal law, his zaida reports.
Harvey was born the fourth child of Sam and Sluva Pollock, who came from Russia to join family in Winnipeg in 1927. Harvey recalls that when he was called to the Bar in 1958, the practice of law was much different than it is today.
“Back then,” he recalls, “judges knew you. Relationships were built on integrity and respect. Your word counted. I enjoyed a healthy relationship with the court.”
He remembers his first murder case – which ended in rather dramatic fashion. “The Crown’s chief witness confessed to the murder under cross-examination,” he recounts.
For the first couple of years, Pollock received a lot of work from the Children’s Aid Society of Winnipeg. In 1960, he went to work for Hart Green, QC.
“After a year, I realized that I wasn’t happy doing commercial work,” he says. “And I wanted to be on my own. I went into the Childs Building (which used to be on the corner of Portage and Main) to look for office space to rent. In the elevator, I ran into Montague Israels, QC. He knew me because I was a friend of his daughter, Hester (Kroft). He offered me a desk in his office and told me that I could pay rent once I started making a little money.”
At the time, Pollock was married with two young children at home.
“For two years, Mr. Israels was my mentor,” Pollock says. “I had a wonderful time and learned a lot from him about how to be a lawyer.”
Shortly after moving into his own office, he received a phone call from the secretary at the Law Society of Manitoba who was calling to ask Harvey if he would consider driving out to Portage La Prairie to help out Izzy Greenberg, QC, a lawyer in Portage who needed to take a leave for health reasons.
“I met with Izzy and agreed to go to Portage a couple of days a week to help,” Pollock says. “After he got better, he asked me to help him out for a few more months. He handled a great variety of cases and I learned a lot. Izzy continued to act as counsel for the Greenberg firm until 1982.”
During this time, Harvey forged a strong relationship with the Aboriginal community of Manitoba. He was appointed honorary chief of all the bands in 1971.
He was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1970.
For the first part of his career, Pollock took on a large number of murder cases. He stopped doing murder cases in 1992 after his son, Nathan, was killed by a drunk driver.
Pollock notes that he has had several illustrious lawyers among the many who have articled with him. They include Jack London, OC, QC, who later became Dean of the Faculty of Law, as well as   Marvin Garfinkel, Arnold Conner, Brenda Keyser and Robert Doyle - all of whom were later appointed to the Bench.
Harvey Pollock will soon be heading south - to  Palm Springs, for the winter, as has been his custom in recent year, secure in the knowledge that his clients remain in good hands while he is gone. He notes that he does keep in regular contact with the office while he is away.
This year, he is also hoping to use his time away to complete his autobiography celebrating 60 years in law.
“There were 43 students in my graduating class,” he says. “I am the only one from that class still practicing law.”

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