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(l-r): Sean, Leah, & Maya Shore

It was in the late spring that the Shore family received some troubling news – breast cancer. Both parents sat down with Maya (12) to share the news.
“I was really upset,” said Maya. “But, it wasn’t’s obviously a big deal...but, I knew she [Maya’s mom] had love and support. So, I knew she was going to get through it.”


Still, the news weighed on Maya, who, even back then, had already learned a lot about cancer, as her grandmother had lung cancer.
As well, Maya said, “I like doctor-y stuff. I want to be a surgeon when I’m older, so I know a lot about that stuff. I knew what was going to happen and it wasn’t a big surprise to me. It was a bump in the road that we had to get over.”
Maya began looking into ways she could help and learned of the Breast Cancer Run for the Cure. This provided a means for Maya to be able to help her mom and other moms, while also doing an activity she already enjoys.
“I love running,” said Maya. “I donated $1000 to kick off my Run for the Cure. I wanted to do it – not just for my mom, but for other women battling breast cancer.”
Maya’s initial goal was to raise $5000, but it didn’t take long to reach that. So, she changed it to $10,000, which was raised, and then to $15,000 – most recently setting the bar even higher for a goal of raising $20,000.
“The last time I checked, I was at $19,520,” said Maya.

Sean Shore, Maya’s dad, was really excited about the run. “The idea of making a donation was her [Maya’s] idea,” said Sean, noting the $1000 donation made by Maya came from her savings and birthday money. “Then, when she found the actual Breast Cancer Run for the Cure site, she knew immediately that’s what she wanted to do and it grew from there.
“Once her page was set up, there’s some very helpful functionality to transmit the page and the desire to fundraise to connections and people you know. I had also put it out on my LinkedIn page, and that’s when I think a few people picked it up on Facebook and Twitter.
“Then, she started getting donations from all over the place – from the U.S. and from countries in Europe. It’s taken on a life of its own and it’s great to see, because she has taken a lot of the initiative herself and really wants to make the run successful for all women and to help end this disease once and for all.”
Maya did the Run for the Cure along with her dad (Sean) and sister, Leah, but they were not alone. They had over 50 people join their team, which was dubbed “Team Maya Shore.” They also had the P2G delegation from Israel join them for the run.
“Maya’s team was one of the first teams to reach a threshold in fundraising, which was $10,000,” said Sean. “So, she is one of three teams in the Winnipeg run that has a tent set up for her and her team to congregate on the morning of the run. And they printed t-shirts for Team Maya Shore.
“A lot of people came together this year to make this a great run.”
Team Maya Shore participated in The Run for the Cure on Sept 30, but donations are still welcome for a while longer and can be made by visiting
Overall, after the run, Sean said, “It was a great day and Maya’s team had a huge turnout of family, friends, and students from the Gray Academy.”

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#1 Cancer sucksHaley 2018-11-13 17:39
Hearing that a family member has cancer is horrible and even more when is your family.