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Ian Rabb tells his story of recovery from addiction at Remis speakers’ forum

Ian Rabb speaking to Remis speakers' forum

Ian Rabb’s story is well-known. As someone who had fallen as low as one can go, then managed to pull himself up – with the aid of others, Rabb’s story of falling into a life of  addiction and despair, then managing to climb out of the enormous hole into which he had dug himself, is truly inspiring.

It turns out that quiet centenarian Lloyd Friedman was quite the war hero

Three old friends having lunch in November 2017, two of whom will have turned 100 in 2018 (l-r): Lloyd Friedman, Lou Billinkoff, Dr. Albert Rosenberg (also 100)

Often the quietest individuals are the bravest. Lloyd Friedman recently celebrated his 100th birthday (on July 29). That, in itself, is a momentous achievement –and well worth noting.

A trip to the former Jewish farm colony in Rosser

Farmhouse that formerly belonged to the Harry Pressman family
On March 23, 2017 the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada held a very well-attended program about the history of Jewish farm settlements in Manitoba. During that program attention was focused on two settlements in particular: Bender Hamlet, founded in 1906, and Camper, founded in 1912.