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David Matas (left) and Michael Lynk

By BERNIE BELLAN One of the most interesting sessions in the Israel, Palestine and International Law Symposium, held the weekend of Sept. 7-9, was a question and answer session featuring two very articulate legal scholars: David Matas and Michael Lynk.


Matas is a well-known humanr rights lawyer, also a staunch defender of Israel, while Michael Lynk is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Western Ontario, also the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory.

Following a talk Matas had given on Israel, International Law & Peace Sunday morning, Sept. 9, he and Lynk sat down together - both to answer questions from the audience and to debate one another informally. One of the most impressive aspects to the discussion though, was how polite audience members were in asking their questions and how cordial Matas and Lynk were with one another.

We have posted a complete video of the question and answer session to our website at We apologize for the uneven quality of the sound.

You can also read the complete text of David Matas's remarks which he delivered at the symposium by clicking here: David Matas text

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#3 Ms.Kathy Shantz 2018-10-02 22:59
Hi David Kattenberg. I watched the entire conference through an online streaming FB page. The sound quality wasn't the greatest, but I nevertheless persisted. Since a Mennonite group was one of the sponsors I had a particular interest in it and was disappointed that the event was one-sided, as seems to be the case with anything my communion seems to participate in vis a vis Israel. But kudos to the symposium for inviting David Matas to speak. It was a much needed perspective.
#2 Dr.David Kattenburg 2018-09-21 12:36
Hi Kathy Shantz! How would you know that our symposium was a "narrow-minded" event, if you weren't there? (you weren't)
#1 Ms.Kathy Shantz 2018-09-13 20:25
Thanks for posting the text of David Matas' presentation at the symposium. A much needed perspective in an other-wise narrow minded event. I have been an outspoken critic of my faith community's (Mennonite) one-sided approach to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. I encourage the Jewish community of Winnipeg to continue to challenge Mennonites to become more informed and balanced in their understanding of the problems facing Israel and Jewish people in the diaspora. Wishing all a Good Year!