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On Thursday, January 15, the Winnipeg branch of Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University hosted a luncheon in the boardroom of the law firm of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman for former Shin Bet head Carmi Gillon and current executive head of the Israeli cybertech security firm CYTEGIC, along with CYTEGIC CEO Shay Zandani.













Gillon is also a former Vice-President of External Relations for the Hebrew University, as well as a former Israeli ambassador to Denmark and a former mayor of Mevaseret Zion.
During his remarks Gillon noted that he is highly critical of current Israeli government policies in many respects. (Gillon was one of the five former Shin Bet heads who were featured in the well-known and controversial film, “The Gatekeepers”. In that film each former Shin Bet head expressed strong criticism of Israeli policies on the West Bank. Gillon said, however, that “if Israel has a future it will be in spite of our bad politics, but thanks to our young generation.”