By GERRY POSNER When you have “made it “ and you are not yet 30, you have to wonder what life still has in store for you?

Wonder no more. Sammy Kohn, founder and alumnus of the rock group The Watchmen, can answer that question. In a succinct way, Kohn will tell you there is life after The Watchmen. Many readers will recall The Watchmen of whom Kohn was an integral member, being the drummer. For those too young to remember the group, there is good news in store for you.

The Watchmen are reuniting temporarily for a Winnipeg gig at the Burton Cummings Theatre on March 21, 2015 and you too can connect with this piece of Winnipeg rock history, not to mention its Jewish origins (that presumes there are still tickets since the show was almost sold out within twenty minutes of the announcement of the event).
For those readers who do recall The Watchmen from an earlier version, well, get set to see a new and older looking group with a better sound.
What ever happened to Sammy Kohn? He has lived for a long time in Toronto, over fourteen years now, and is a husband to the former Sara Weinstein of Winnipeg and father to three children, Julia (9), Joshua (7) and Jolie (3). So what made Sammy drum then and makes him run today?

As is well known, Sammy Kohn, son to Marvin and Penny Kohn, became famous with the success of The Watchmen, probably even more so than he dreamt. He did have some music in his DNA given his aunt on his mother’s side is Faigie Dozar Greaves and his aunt on his father’s side is Miriam Kohn Bronstein. Both these women have definite musical talents.
Furthermore, according to Kohn, his mother is a “complete natural” on the piano. But, together the complete package was Sammy Kohn, referred to as a man who can play hypnotic percussion. Still, as it has turned out for Kohn, he was and is far more than the perfect drummer boy.

Kohn was nineteen when The Watchmen was born with Kohn’s first cousin and vocalist, Danny Greaves, guitarist Joey Serlin and bassist Ken Tizzard the other core components.
The group was not instantly famous, but worked hard on the road with a long run traveling to the far flung corners of the world performing thousands of shows in Canada, U. S., Europe and Australia to much adulation.
Yet, with all of this success, in 1999, Kohn pulled out, in a somewhat acrimonious way (hatchets have long since been buried), as he wanted to lead a more normal life style and he headed into the music business although in a different way.
In January of 2000, Kohn became the Director of Sales for the Canadian Music Network Magazine. That position was the launching spot for Kohn and in May, 2003 Kohn headed to NOW Magazine as the Senior Account Manager.

In November, 2006 Kohn had an opportunity to join Toronto Life Magazine as a National Account Manager. Kohn was at Toronto Life for almost seven years in this capacity and played a very prominent role there.
He then was elevated to Senior National Account Manager at Toronto Life Magazine and in December, 2013 where he remains the top sales representative.

One might ask if there is any connection for Kohn in his experience as a drummer for The Watchmen and his career in the media world since 2003. Kohn would answer that he could not do his present job at the level that he has attained without his background and exposure as a key part of The Watchmen.
He says that The Watchmen time enabled him to grow and get confidence so that he was ready and able to “reinvent himself” which is in fact what he did.

And even with the success that Kohn has had in his second career in the media, he also has had the good fortune of being able to “keep his drumming hand” in the performing side with these recurring reunifications stints with The Watchmen. He is a lucky guy to have two worlds open to him and best of all, Kohn knows how lucky he is.