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Jewish Federation CEO Adam Bronstone was caught by surprise on Tuesday, February 3, when a group of Grade 7 Gray Academy students greeted him outside the Federation offices with a card that recognized his status as an "important person" in the community.
Teacher Avi Posen introduced Adam to the students - then he introduced me, saying I was also an "important person". I told the students that Avi was kidding.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was in town this past week. On Thursday, February 12 he met with members of the ethnic press.
Feeling obliged to ask him an “ethnic” question, I asked him whether he plans on visiting Israel before the next election. Trudeau said he doesn’t plan on doing that. (I guess that means no “million dollar shots” for any Liberal candidates. If you need to understand the reference, Google Mark Adler, Conservative M.P.)

If Justin Trudeau thinks that Eve Adams’ temper tantrum at a car wash was bad, it's  nothing compared to Meachelle Bellan’s outburst when she finds a scratch on her car             




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