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By ADAM SCHWARTZ  In my stand-up comedy routine I tell a joke about how there should be an “autism pride parade”. Granted, no one would show up, and we’d all be wearing sweat pants because comfort comes first.

This is because we dislike crowds, since some people on the Autism Spectrum, such as me, have sensory overload issues. This means that we have a hard time censoring out unnecessary distractions and therefore tend to get overwhelmed by our surroundings, causing tiredness and headaches.
Turns out not only is there an autism pride parade in Winnipeg, this year will be the third annual event, part of a larger worldwide autism initiative, but one that  is widely attended by people on the spectrum, as well as those who support them such as family, caregivers, and support workers.

According to Mike Wilwand the president of PACE, Parents of Children with Autism Everywhere - the group responsible for putting on the event, last year there were over 300 people in attendance and this year they are hoping for even more.

The rally starts April 2nd at 6 pm at the Legislative Building, where there will be a brief talk by two distinguished gentlemen on the Autism Spectrum, artist Ryan Smoluk and myself.

Then the participants will go on a brief walk starting and ending at the Legislative Building, followed by some coffee, snacks and schmoozing.

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