Anthony WelchBy GERRY POSNER Combine graphic design, writing, and art; throw in technology and innovation, and you have Anthony Wolch.

He is all of that and probably more. He has the background, education and experience to prove it. At 45, young Wolch, son of David and Lois Wolch, husband to Danica, and father of two children, Kaya, 6 and Dylan 4, has carved out a remarkable career in Toronto and Europe. How did it all happen to this former student of Ramah and Laidlaw schools, later the University of Winnipeg and Simon Fraser University in BC? One thing for sure: It was not a straightforward path.
For starters, Anthony Wolch  had a solid background in the world of art and design, beginning with his attending art school with his grandmother Gertrude Ludwick (an artist and poet in her own right) in the old CN Rail Station in Winnipeg in the late 1970s. Then he spent a year at the Royal St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, England. Subsequently, he attended both the Ontario College of Art and Design and George Brown College simultaneously. While a student at those colleges, he became what was called a creative intern at a place known as FCB Toronto, a global advertising giant in Canada. Wolch soon translated that experience into a job as junior art director with J. Walter Thompson, another advertising company in the U.K., and later, back in Toronto. Clearly, Wolch was on the ascendancy.
Wolch soon had an opportunity to join the famous English ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi (led by two Jewish brothers), as the art director in 1998. In 1999, he became the the art director and later the senior art director for Publicis Canada. The beauty of that appointment was the chance it gave Woldch to become a part of a global network, allowing him to be recruited to lead the Scandinavian division of the company in Helsinki, Finland for three years in the capacity as executive creative director. In  Finland he was with an agency committed to, and at the forefront of, the digital revolution, which shaped Wolch’s future career.
When Wolch returned to Canada, he was soon involved with three interconnected companies, all well known in the advertising field: TBWA Toronto, Organic Toronto and Fleischman Hilliard NYC - where Wolch wore the hat of executive creative director. That period led Wolch to go back to New York to be a part of Omnicom NYC, also as an executive creative director. But, Wolch’s wife wanted to come back to Canada. Anthony was agreeable to that move and so they returned to Toronto, where Wolch soon combined with a friend and colleague, Eli Singer, to form Entrinsic. Wolch was a partner  as well the executive creative officer. In 2014 the company was purchased by Engagement Labs of Montreal and Wolch was invited to become the chef creative officer for the publicly traded corporation. What is clearly evident from this trail of different companies that dot the Wolch landscape is the one certainty in the advertising world: The only constant is change.

Wolch has had over 20 years in the advertising industry and, more importantly, he has worked on some of the best known brands in the world. He began as a writer, then an artist - inspired by his grandmother, and gradually morphed into becoming a graphic designer and art director. He has received widespread recognition in the industry and now lectures frequently. The area of innovation that has attracted Wolch is what he calls “Creative By The Numbers”, a concept in which he takes what he says are irrefutable human insights from hard data to end at creative results that ultimately resonate with consumers, which is the purpose for all businesses. This concept has worked for him and his companies more than several times and the list of clients he has gathered along the way bear some testimony to Wolch’s talents: Google, Coca-Cola, RBC Royal Bank, Proctor & Gamble are but a few of the many corporations that Wolch has both served and worked on over his career to this point.
There have been many remarkable stories about talented Winnipeggers who have made their mark in the arts and in business. Anthony Wolch has had a foot in both worlds and is yet another example of the type of creative individual that Winnipeg has produced.