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Morris GlimcherBy HARVEY ROSEN Throughout the years, most of us, both young and old alike, have had that unnerving experience of searching for full or part-time employment - all the while unrealistically dreaming of the ideal job that would pay handsomely, offer convenient working hours plus vacation pay and, of course, generous benefits befitting someone of your supposedly unmatchable credentials.

Well, you’re in luck. A more than decent high profile job will relatively soon be advertised in local publications, if not elsewhere in the country, outlining the executive committee’s expectations and, unless you have an ego as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, part way through the list of preferred assets they’ll be seeking in the successful applicant, you may be developing an economy-sized inferiority complex and then quietly turn away to the comics page in your local newspaper in order to read how Blondie’s hubby Dagwood Bumstead - a not very industrious employee who frequently hangs around the water cooler - is getting along with his boss Mr. Dithers in the office these days.

Here’s the ad: “Wanted: Someone with the following assets: does public speaking, possesses good public relationship skills, is adept at event management and planning, is good at social networking, can fundraise, obtain sponsorships, issue press releases, teach, has an interest in sports, coaching, dealing with social media, marketing strategies and communications, and is good at customer service.”
Oh, by the way, unless you’ve been off on an interplanetary flight to Jupiter or Mars, you are doubtless well aware that the gentleman known as “Marvelous Mo”, or Morris Glimcher, has decided that, effective this June 30th, he is going to ride off into the sunset.
So, if you’d like to apply for his job outlined in the aforementioned ad as executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSSA), you’ll have a heck of a good chance, if your name is Wonder Woman or Superman.

Morris’s career began back in 1975 and his list of accomplishments are incomparable. He was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame as a builder in 2013 and is the sole Canadian recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations, with a citation in 2003.
Our Manitoba Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, of which I am on the executive committee, twice - in 1988 and 2013, honoured him with our “Good Guy Award”, presented yearly to the person who has been the most co-operative and generally helpful to the press at large.
I personally pay him homage in the press box while covering the Jets or Bombers whenever an insurance goal or touchdown is scored late and victory is assured, by pronouncing to those within earshot: “That looks like the clincher Morris Glimcher!”

I have often felt that he and I have very much in common. Both Jewish kids, we were raised in the North End in back of our parents’ corner grocery stores, where they worked long hours seven days a week.
Not to compare myself with Mo, who has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in his on-the-job travels to the United States, Sweden, Finland, and the Soviet Union, because the only activity I could probably top him at would be sorting empty pop bottles faster at the back of our stores.
Both of us are verbal to the max, have had a lifetime interest in sports, and ended up in teaching and coaching roles with young people. Not to mention both feeling immense satisfaction at, in later years, encountering ex-students who recognize us as having played a somewhat significant role in their lives - for which they are very appreciative.

As for the futures of the next generation of athletes, Glimcher and I both see major changes taking place in the world of sports.
Finding volunteer coaches isn’t going to be as easy as it once was and, in addition, kids aren’t as enthusiastic as they once were because of the advent of social media.
These 21st century individuals, known as “X-box kids”, prefer to slump down in their bean-bag chairs and play games rather than to expend the necessary energy required to attend practices and develop their physical fitness.
Interacting with their peers over the internet and other electronic wonders while at home while lying on the bed simply won’t cut it.
Neither will moving the texting location to nearby restaurants where Wifi is available and over-indulging in a double burger, french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds, and a giant Slurpy to wash it down.
Hey, we have to maintain that dubious distinction of being the capital of the world when it comes to the aforementioned beverage, don’t we?

As for the soon-to-be retired Glimcher, he shared with me a very few words regarding his impending retirement: “All of this attention is very humbling.”
Very typical of Morris, but who is going to fill his extra-large sized shoes now?
Not a clown, I hope, but someone who can grasp the torch and hold it on high just as he did when he was a budding young student at St. John’s Tech High School in days of yore, when he began his climb right at the very bottom and gradually elevated himself to the top sports office in our province.
That was the clincher, wasn’t it Glimcher?

The writer, a Jewish Winnipegger, is a former school teacher, and covers football and hockey for Canadian Press and Broadcast News.
Keep in touch with Sporting Touch. Send news about Jewish sports to Harvey Rosen, 360 Scotia Street, Winnipeg, Man., R2V 1W7, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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