Herzlia MehitzahBy BERNIE BELLAN This past August we ran a story in which we described an interesting competition that the Adas Yeshurun-Herzlia Synagogue was holding. That competition was to produce designs for a “mehitzah” for the synagogue – and which would replace the existing mehitzah.


Apparently, while some designs were submitted, the sponsors of the competition decided that there was too much of a lag between the time the competition was announced and the original deadline for submission of designs.

As a result, a new call has now gone out to anyone interested in submitting a design by February 1, 2016.

Here is a description of the competition:

1. The Project

Adas Yeshurun-Herzlia Synagogue (AY-H) invites artists to submit designs for its mehitzah.

The mehitzah , a partial wall that separates men’s and women’s seating areas in orthodox synagogue sanctuaries, at AY-H is made of eight separate sections which sit a handbreadth apart. The mahogany bases match the pews and shulchan. The upper portions are clear plexiglas which block sound from the bima and prevent women from hearing the Torah reading.

The Renovation Committee intends to retain the existing bases (86.5 cm. x 211 cm.) and replace the plexiglas (81 cm. x 211 cm.). This will enhance the sanctuary and meet the need for movement of sound. Submissions may be as simple or complex as you prefer.

• There will be eight plexiglas replacements.

• Each must permit sound and air to flow through.

2. Selection Committee

The committee consists of five people: the President and Vice-President of the Board of

Directors and three members of the congregation.

3. Submissions

Due to requests for further information, we have extended the deadline to midnight, February 1, 2016.

Please submit as a PDF to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entrants are welcome to send as many submissions as they desire, each in a separate PDF. There are no restrictions, such as age or ability, on who can submit.

4. The Winner

A winner will be chosen by February 29, 2016. The prize is C$750.

• If more than one artist’s design is chosen, the artists will share the purse.

• Only the winner(s) will be notified.

• There is no guarantee that any of the submissions will be chosen.

• There is no guarantee that a winning design will be used.

• AY-H reserves the right to adapt the winning design. AY-H will undertake construction of the mehitzah panels unless otherwise negotiated with the winning artist.

The winning artist retains copyright. AY-H retains the right to use the design for promotion such as, but not limited to, programming and fund-raising.