If you’re one of our many subscribers reading this while you’re down south – or you’re still planning on heading down to California or Arizona, this story might be of particular interest.

The weekend of February 19-21 promises to be momentous for at least 70 Winnipeggers and former Winnipeggers who will be gathering in Palm Springs for a reunion of +70 year-olds, although it originally began as a birthday celebration for some Winnipeggers and former Winnipeggers who are all turning 75 this year.
We were informed of the coming reunion by well-known Winnipegger Dick Rothberg (a.k.a. Richard), who happened to be calling our office to renew his subscription. During the course of our conversation Rothberg mentioned that there was something that was going to be happening in Palm Springs that might be of some interest.
When he explained that at least 70 Winnipeggers and former Winnipeggers were going to be getting together for a three-day reunion toward the end of February, I said that I loved stories like that – and so did many of our readers.
As a matter of fact, I said to Dick Rothberg, it was two years ago to the month that a group of Winnipeg women (including former Winnipeggers) got together in Phoenix to celebrate their 73rd birthdays. Evelyn Hecht wrote a terrific story about that reunion for our April 16, 2014 issue (which can still be read in the archives section of our website).
While this month’s upcoming reunion consists of some activities which required prior registration, anyone who is in the Palm Springs area on Friday, February 19 might be particularly interested in attending Friday night services at Temple Sinai, located at 73251 Hovley Ln W (at Portola), beginning at 7:30 (There will also be an Oneg Shabbat following the service, Rothberg says, to which attendees are asked to make a small contribution.)
The planning for this reunion began some time ago. According to Rothberg, it was primarily the idea of Sid Lachter, a former Winnipegger who now resides in Tucson.
In addition to Lachter and Rothberg, other members of the planning committee included Dick’s wife Joanne, and Suzanne Golden.

I contacted Lachter to find out more about the reunion and how it came about. At it turns out, that women’s reunion in Phoenix two years ago played an instrumental role in getting this year’s reunion going. Lachter wrote: “You asked how people were contacted. A lot of it was by word of mouth. There was also a helpful e-mail list from an all-ladies reunion that Judy Linhart arranged in Phoenix two years or so ago and was kind enough to pass along to me. “
Lachter went on to write: “Everyone on the list except for a few spouses is originally from Winnipeg, and about half still live there. The rest are scattered across Canada and the Excited States in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, various southern California locations, Tucson, Phoenix, Minneapolis, New York, etc.
 “I picked Palm Desert as the reunion location because most of the people who will attend are already there anyhow or are happy to come for a few days. A February reunion in Winnipeg would probably not have done as well, and I say that with no disrespect to the city that I was born and raised in and of which I have many fond memories. They do not include February weather, though.”