SerattusBy MYRON LOVE For the past year, Bryan Klein has been focusing his fundraising activity almost entirely on our community’s annual CJA campaign.

“We had a record year,” says the 2015-2016 campaign chair who is staying on for one more year.
Although Klein is restricting his charitable activities only to the CJA while campaign chair, he did make an exception for the annual CancerCare Manitoba Foundation 20K Challenge for Life Walk which took place this year on Saturday, June 11. And Klein once again demonstrated his fundraising prowess by personally raising over $11,000 – eighth best among all participants.
Klein’s team (which consisted of his youngest daughter, Julie, and close friend Sharon Zalig), walking under the Team SLH banner, raised over $15,000. The impetus for the Klein Family’s participation in the cancer research fundraiser is Susan Klein’s ongoing struggle with cancer. (Susan is Bryan’s wife.)
“Cancer is a plague,” Bryan Klein says. This year, more than 6,000 Manitobans will be diagnosed with cancer. It’s a staggering number. We visit Cancer Care Manitoba several times a month. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It affects the lives of low and high, rich and poor and young and old. It is a scourge which must be eradicated.”
This was the third go around for Team SLH. Thus far, the Klein Family (including daughters Baillie, Sarry and Julie) and their supporters have raised over $100,000 toward finding a cure for cancer.
As usual, this year’s walk attracted a large Jewish contingent. Half of the ten teams that participated had a significant Jewish flavor. The Serratus Superstars, for example, included close to 20 Jewish participants on a team of 25. This year, the Serratus Superstars raised over $56,000, the largest amount by far of the community teams (as compared to corporate teams – only three of which surpassed the Serratus team in the amount of money raised). The Serratus Superstars is made up of a group of friends who have been doing the Cancercare Challenge for Life Walk since its inception in 2008.
“We have raised over $255,000 for cancer research over the past eight years,” says team member Dr. Cathy Moser (who also participated in a walk to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Disease research three days later; she says that her mother died as a result of cancer, wile her father had Alzheimer’s).
The other team members included; Cathy Moser, Don Aronovitch, Faren and Keevin Bernstein, Bobby and Debby Brown, Harvey and Michelle Chochinov, Andrea Downey-Frnachuk, Jeff Itskow, Sharon Goszer-Tritt and Steven Tritt, Gayle Marcus, Steve Moscovitch, Monica Newman, Vera Paletta, Maureen Penko, Esther and Rick Penner, Randee Pollock, Susan Remis, Vivienne Rowan, Pam Vine,  Harriet and Leanne Zimmer.
 Kids Count, the second most successful community team in terms of dollars raised, is a team that was founded by Noah Palansky after his mother, Naomi, was originally diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in April 2008. Sadly, she passed away in November 2010, at the age of 46, leaving to mourn her husband, Bruce, as well as Noah and his sister, Lexi.
(Naomi’s sister, Michelle Moyer, was claimed by cancer just a few months later.)
“The feeling when we heard the diagnosis is indescribable,” said Noah (who was 11 at the time), in an earlier interview. “It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
“I wanted to do something to make a difference.”
What Noah did – first – with  his younger sister, Lexi,  a couple of years later,  was to sign up for the 2nd annual Challenge for Life 20 km Walk in June 2008. He solicited $14,000 worth of support that first time.
This year Noah (who is entering his third year at the Asper School of Business), and Lexi (who is going into Grade 11), and their supporters ( Amy Baron, Ilan Jacobowitz, Nicole Margolis, Adam Yusim, Cyle McNab, Payton Probetts and Cari Slayen),  are back for the ninth time (seventh time for Lexi), more determined than ever - to reach their ultimate goal to raise $1 million for cancer research. This year, the team raised $26,000,  of which Noah himself brought in over $7,000.
Thus far, the Palanskys and friends’ fundraising efforts have raised over $725,000.
Team Schvesters’ nearly $16,000 raised was the fifth highest total this year. The team consists of Adam Nepon and his wife, Dana Harvey, her mother, Benji Harvey, Jack, Lesly and Shaun Katz, Shannon Curtaz, Jody Van de Vijsel, Rocky Pollack, Larry Saifer, Kiera Kaltchev and Mary Goska. The team was inspired by the “Greenfield girls”, sisters Benji Harvey, Lesly Katz and Debby Lewis, two of whom have been diagnosed with breast cancer. One is in remission while the other is still receiving treatment. The team has been part of the cancer fundraiser for ten years in a row.
 Nancy’s Nightingales, which included friends Connie Botelho, Joanne Katz, Harriet Lyons, and Louise Raber raised just over $10,000 this year. “We have been participating in the Challenge since day one,” says Raber. “Per capita, we did very well.”
 The group of nurses started walking for cancer in honour of Nancy, a mutual friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago (she’s since recovered). “There are certainly other Nancys out there,” Raber says.
(One of the team members, Harriet Lyons, is also a cancer survivor.)