Lemonade standBy REBECA KUROPATWA What child has not thought about having a lemonade stand?

But, a recent - and very successful - lemonade stand project may have been a little more out of the norm.
This particular lemonade stand was thought up by a group of four kindergarten and Grade 1 kids, and raised nearly $1200 in two hours to be donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The idea was the brainchild of Izzie Hyman (5, daughter of Rishona and Hartley Hyman) and Dylan Lazareck (6, son of Chloe McComb and Sam Lazareck). Izzie and Dylan were joined by Garrey Kowalson (6, son of Alix Kravetsky and Michael Kowalson), and Lauren (whose family requested not having her last name or the names of her parents mentioned in the article). All four children are students of St. John’s Ravenscourt (SJR).
“Dylan and I were just talking about water and it made me think of lemonade, so I had the idea of making a lemonade stand,” said Izzie. “The idea to collect for a charity was suggested by our parents after we decided we wanted to do it.
“We told our friends in class, because they asked what we were making when we were decorating cups and making our mascot, Lemy Lemonade.”
Aided by their parents, the kids began planning the lemonade stand event months ago, securing an appearance from Dr. Goodbear, a glitter tattoo artist, a balloon artist, and a guitar player.
“I liked the cash register the most, because I got to put money inside,” said Izzie. “I had a lot of fun! I am looking forward to taking in the money and having a tour of the Children’s Hospital.”
The eight parents and four kids invited friends, family, school peers, and teachers to the big day. They baked treats to sell with the lemonade and ensured that anyone who was interested in helping out was given something to do.
“Besides lemonade, we had cookies, rice crispy treats, chocolate puffed wheat squares, gumballs, face painting, music, and balloon animals,” said Dylan.
“What I enjoyed most about the experience was having my friends come by to help out and enjoy the treats.” Dylan also said he liked the crafts that went into creating the physical stand itself, noting that “people thought this was quite an elaborate stand!” He also enjoyed planning it out with his friends and being able to help other kids.
Sam Lazareck and Chloe McComb said, “Healing the world - a main tenet of Judaism - is reinforced fairly frequently in our home. We suspect this may have helped to motivate the kids around this event.”
According to Garrey, “The lemonade stand took place on Sunday, June 5 at my cousin Dylan’s house. There were a lot of people. I’d guess 100 or so, maybe more.
“We told all our friends at school about it and our parents e-mailed all the kindergarten and Grade 1 families, and all our family and friends. Even our teachers came!
“There were special cookies for kids with allergies. You could make balloon animals, play guitar, and get glitter tattoos. I really enjoyed all the people who came out to support the Children’s Hospital. I’d really like to do this every year with my friends.”
Garrey’s parents, Alix Kravetsky and Michael Kowalson, said, “Garrey has always had a strong social conscience, which we see as an important ideal to encourage and foster. Garrey takes social responsibility, one of the pillars of the SJR community, very seriously and we are very proud of that.
“We loved the community support the kids received, how hard all the children worked (not only the four involved, but the siblings and cousins who helped out a lot too) throughout the entire event, and the fact that it really turned into an afternoon party for the kids and adults, with many people staying to socialize.”
All four families will participate in a formal visit to the Children’s Hospital (tentatively in early July) to meet with a Foundation representative, deliver the funds, and gain a clearer sense of how the funds will be utilized.