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Fringe picAfter the first 3 nights of the Fringe, during which we've seen 3 shows - all of which were previewed in the July 6 issue of the JP&N, here are some quick reviews:

"A Little Business at the Big Top", with David Gaines - a creative and often hilarious show, David Gaines uses his excellent skills as a mime to create an entire circus on stage. There's even a compelling story that unfolds as Gaines flits from one character to another - including an entire menagerie of animals. Have fun guessing who Gaines is portraying from one moment to the next.

"Bella Culpa", with David Cantor (cousin of famed Vaudevilian Eddie Cantor) and the very acrobatic Amica Hunter. Together, Cantor and Hunter - similar to David Gaines, employ mime techniques - this time portraying a maid and butler catering to an unseen mistress. Again, brilliantly inventive. My wife and I were actually called up on stage at one point - much to our chagrin. The use of the props is hilarious - especially an entire slew of wind-up mice.

"Kundalini Rising", with Jitendradas Loves-Life (a.k.a. Jordan Bellan) and Jennifer Genest. The two performers, extraordinary dancers both, take the audience through a spiritual journey, employing some beautiful  choreography and imparting a series of lessons that are meant to explain the attraction of Kundalini Yoga. If you are at all spiritually inclined, you should find this quite compelling, as you learn about chakras and the power of meditation.


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