Posted Apr. 25 A notice of intention to commence legal proceedings against me personally and against The Jewish Post & News was delivered to me this evening.

In it, Dr. Hussam Azzam says that “The intended action would be in relation to a claim that Mr. Bellan and The Jewish Post & News have defamed me.”

The notice goes on to say that in an article published in our paper, also on our website, “The article defames me by, among other things, stating and/or inferring that I had engaged in hate speech, posted comments that were meant to incite hatred toward Israelis and/or their sympathizers and that I had been terminated from my position with the Northern Regional Health Authority for something improper, none of which is true, accurate or fair.”

The notice goes on to ask for “a full and fair retraction of the defamatory statements as well as a full apology” to be immediately published in The Jewish Post & News (including on its website and Facebook Profile Page).

The document is signed by Dr. Azzam himself and does not bear the name of any law firm.

You can read the article which Dr. Azzam claims defamed him at

You can also read the original article which referred to Dr. Azzam's tweets at