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Every morning when I go to the Rady JCC to exercise I'm greeted by one of the smiling faces you see here.

When I woke up this morning I thought to myself, do I go to the Rady JCC or meditate and do Qigong?
You guessed right. I went to the Rady JCC for a zone out Zumba class with Chris (fabulous class by the way if one likes music and dance)
It was when I got to the  sports desk that I realized something:  How often do we give recognition to the front line people, the ones who can make or break our mood? Do we even know their names? What a team of positive people they are. There is always a friendly hello and conversation, time permitting. Here are some of the people that you’ll likely meet on your way to exercise:
Marion Linnemann,  who told me that she loves the lake, enjoys curling and that she has two daughters. I remember writing into the Free Press a few months ago regarding an act of kindness someone had done for me. Marion came running after me to tell me she had read what I had written - and loved it. (She told me that she also believes in angels - which was what I wrote in that Free Press piece.)
Then there’s Edwin Ching, a father of two who has worked at the Rady JCC for 11 years. He also worked in Dubai for ten years and was in the travel business for five years.
Jordan Lazareck always has a friendly hello and good-bye for members coming and going. And then there’s Josh Nezon, who writes children’s books and is looking for an illustrator, should anybody know of someone.
Nicole Keselman was born in Israel and works part time at the Rady JCC while attending university and pursuing a science degree. Nicole told me her career goal is to become a dietician and to open her own clinic. She enjoys the outdoors, reading and working out. I think that I found my soul mate here - certainly a like-minded person.
Jonathan Diotte is another young student (studying massage therapy) who’s going into his second year of study at Wellington College. Jonathan was born in North Bay, he says. He adds he’s been working at the Rady JCC for two years.
The veteran member of the desk staff is Donna Thompson, who’s the person who’s most likely to take your money when you register for a membership or a program. Donna has been with the Rady JCC since its opening 20 years ago. Before that she was also at the old YMHA on Hargrave for three years.
 It’s not easy working at a job  where you’re going to be on the receiving end of complaints, especially at a place as busy as the Rady JCC.
This diplomatic team is so helpful and I’ve noticed how they keep their cool. Kudos to the person who hired this group. So next time you walk by the sports desk stop to say hello, learn names and know that we all have a story - and that some of them are pretty interesting.


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