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Fate Rosenberg CohenBy BERNIE BELLAN We received an email last week from Faye Rosenberg-Cohen, Community Planning and Allocations Chair for the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg.

Within the email was a link to the Federation’s website, specifically to information relating to what has been an ongoing effort to gauge community interest in planning for the future of the Jewish community here. I began to peruse some of the information that is available on the website; there’s quite a bit of it.
What it comes down to though, is a hugely ambitious plan to try and respond to the vastly different needs of a Jewish community in 2017 than it was even just ten years ago.
In various sections, the Federation attempts to categorize the major areas in which new approaches are needed, including:
• Programming for the modern community
• Enhancing Jewish identity and experience
• Strengthening caring community
• Improving community infrastructure and community capacity
According to the report, several different committees are now in the process of being established, each with a mandate to try and develop concrete methods of translating ideas into concrete realities.
We will be reporting more on the Federation’s planning process in future issues. In the meantime, kudos to Faye Rosenberg-Cohen for at least attempting as much as possible to involve as broad a cross-section of our community in the process. It’s easy for critics like me to start nit-picking particular aspects of the report – and I’ll probably do that in part, but the notion that planning can be done democratically – bottom-up, rather than top-down, is certainly something for which the Federation and Faye, in particular, deserve commendation.

To read more about the Federation's planning process go to

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