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The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg’s 2017 Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) Campaign is now in full swing. The Young Adult Division (YAD), comprised of members aged 25-45, raises funds for that demographic by programming a variety of educational, leadership, volunteer and social activities throughout the year.

Last year’s YAD campaign raised $295,998, and engaged 55 new young adult donors, including Ben Gurion Society (BGS) gifts of $1,000 or more.
We asked this year’s YAD leaders what led to their becoming involved in the CJA:

Lindsey Leipsic: YAD Co-Chair:
JP&N: What is the importance of being a young woman leader in the Jewish Community?
LL: I can only hope that I am a positive example for others, and especially students, teenagers and young adults. As the Guidance/Career Counsellor at Gray Academy of Jewish Education, I hope to instill that giving back to our community is the least we can do to say thank you. I hope to educate menchsen that understand the value of giving to the JFW.
JP&N: How do you hope to see YAD continue to grow?
LL: I just attended the General Assembly in L.A. and felt proud to say I was from Winnipeg. Our community is known for giving back, and not just with our money, but also as volunteers. I hope this spirit of generosity will continue into the future and that my generation will continue to support our beneficiary agencies.
JP&N: What has the JFW done to positively affect your family?
LL: The Federation sent my brother, Dusty Leipsic, on a special Birthright trip last February. Dusty was able to go to Israel with a smaller group of Jewish individuals like him, where he was supported and felt comfortable. This was an experience of a lifetime not only for him but for my family as well. It is because of the JFW that my brother experienced his own Israel; a dream that became his reality only a year ago.
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Jason Gisser, YAD Co-Chair:
JP&N: As a young leader in the Jewish community, why do you think it’s important be involved at your age?
JG: It’s very important to me that the Jewish community continues to grow and thrive so that it can provide the same opportunities to others that it has given to me. It’s very important for young people to become actively involved in their communities right now, so that they can be ready to lead when our generation is expected to be at the forefront.
JP&N: What would you recommend to others who look to get involved in the community?
JG:  I would first recommend finding an element of our community that interests you. I would then recommend joining one of the boards and committees under the JFW, or one of its local partner agencies, which addresses that area. This will allow you to meet and network with community volunteers and staff who can teach you about the many structures and institutions in our Jewish community.

David & Sarah Carr: BGS Co-Chairs:
JP&N: What does being involved in the community mean to you as a young couple?
D&SC: Being involved means support and building a network of families to grow with as our family grows.
JP&N: Why is it important to be connected to the JFW as you take a new step in your lives and start a family?
D&SC: Jewish culture and community are important values to us and we want to share that with our kids.

Jared & Leanne Akman: BGS Co-Chairs:
JP&N: Why is it important to be involved in the community as a couple?
J & LA: It allows us to grow together and with others we are surrounded by. It also allows us to be an example for those in our community and provide continued support to our beneficiary agencies that need it the most.

David Carr & Jared Akman: BGS Co-Chairs:
JP&N: What would you recommend for those who are not yet at a BGS level?
DC & JA: If you have an interest in becoming a BGS member, please get in touch with us. We are also willing to work with individuals in implementing a plan to achieve BGS status over a number of years, and have many “Step up to BGS” programs that can be individually tailored to the unique needs of our members.
JP&N: What are the benefits to donating at a BGS level?
DC & JA: The benefits for those donating at a BGS level is to feel empowered by reaching this milestone gift and receive the deserved recognition by our community-at-large. The benefits also include being invited to exclusive events, networking, and mentorship opportunities, and perhaps most important of all, form a group of exemplary members in our community to inspire others.

The 2017 CJA Campaign needs more support from Winnipeg’s Jewish Community members aged 25-45 today, to ensure a better collective future tomorrow. To learn more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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