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Giora Zinger edited 1Considering how much this newspaper has been reporting upon the massive influx of Israelis into Winnipeg in the past 12 years, it should come as no surprise that many of those newcomers to Winnipeg wold be enthused to attend an event tailored precisely to their interests.

Such was the case on Thursday, January 11 - on yet another frigid Winnipeg night, when a relatively unknown Israeli comedian played to two sold-out shows at the Berney Theatre in the Asper Campus.
Apparently word of Zinger’s impending shows here was disseminated only on Facebook, yet within one hour of the first posting that there would be an all-Hebrew comedy show here, that show was sold out. As a result, the Rady JCC, which was responsible for bringing Zinger here, quickly added a second show - which also quickly sold out. No doubt, organizers could probably have filled the hall several additional times had Zinger been available.

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