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Simkin dancingSubmitted by MARILYN REGIEC
A month of live broadcasting in the atrium brought happiness , fun and nostalgia to the residents, families and staff at the Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre.

In partnership with community non profit radio station CJNU the 24/7 music created a relaxing atmosphere that culminated in a dance party attended by over 150 people on Sunday January 28.
Simkin CEO Irwin Corobow said “the Centre was thrilled with the interest shown by residents, family members, volunteers and staff to the presence of CJNU in our atrium . It took on a musical flavour and everyone was keen to listen, enjoy and request their favourite songs. I hope this will become an annual occurrence.”
Simkin fundraising officer Aviva Tabac, who worked closely with CJNU administration to coordinate interviews and public service announcements said “we are going to miss CJNU radio. The live broadcast brought so much happiness and life to the residents....thank you to such an amazing station and fabulous team”
Simkin centre is one of many “remote” community locations operated by CJNU in an attempt to showcase the exemplary work of non profit organizations through music and conversations.
And in the words of Jim Pappas, volunteer announcer and dedicated CJNU promoter, “one of our happiest remotes in my mind”
You can tune in to the music and memories of your life at 93.7 FM, online at CJNU.ca or channel 725 on MTS television and make your song requests by calling 204-942-2568