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Members of the Schulman family (l-r): MARLON SCHULMAN (Dara’s brother-in-law), SYLVIA SCHULMAN (Dara’s mother-in-law), DARA HORN, BRENDAN SCHULMAN (Dara’s husband), and PERRY SCHULMAN (Dara’s father-in-law)


Over 250 people were in attendance at the Adas Yeshurun Herzlia Synagogue Sunday evening May 6th as well-known writer Dara Horn gave a talk titled “Eternal Life - Blessing or Curse?”
Also prior to Dara’s talk, it was announced that the congregation had successfully raised $1.2 million in its recent fund-raising drive and that the mortgage on the building has been halved.

Rabbi YOSEF BENARROCH presents Past President EARL HERSHFIELD with a “Shem Tov” award from the congregation. In the picture (l-r): BETTY ANNE HERSHFIELD, EARL HERSHFIELD, FAITH KAPLAN, SOPHIE HERSHFIELD, JACK CRAVEN, Rabbi BENARROCH

There was an air of celebration surrounding what Faith Kaplan said was to be the first in an annual “distinguished lecture series” at the Adas Yeshurun Herzlia Synagogue on Sunday evening, May 6th.
First, Rabbi Yosef Benarroch presented Past President Earl Hershfield, who has had more than his recent share of tragedy in his life, with a “Shem Tov” award on behalf of the congregation.

As Rabbi Benarroch noted in thanking Earl for his years of service to the synagogue,  “Earl, you like to say ‘this is the little shul that could’; you are the person who could’...If it weren’t for Earl, I wouldn’t be here. After many years of asking me to be the rabbi here, I finally couldn’t say no.”
Faith Kaplan also referred to the many renovations that the building has undergone since 2011, saying that those renovations are now “almost complete”.

Event co-chair Abe Anhang noted that  three members of the congregation, all of whom were born in 1918,  are each about to celebrate their 100th birthday: Dr. Albert Rosenberg, Lloyd Friedman, and Marion Solomon (mother of current congregation President Jack Craven).
Before turning the microphone over to his wife, Barbara, who introduced Dara Horn, Abe told the audience that 40 years ago Dara’s husband, Brendan Schulman, had been a student at the Torah Academy in this very building for Grades 4-6. Since then, Abe noted, Brendan has gone on to fashion a successful law career in the United States, “specializing in drones”.
“Brendan says there’s a fixture here he broke when he was a student,” Abe remarked. (There must be a statute of limitations when it comes to assessing responsibility for damage to school property, isn’t there?)
As for Dara Horn’s talk itself, we’ll have a full report on what was a brilliant lecture in our next issue.

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