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In yet another sign of the rapidly changing landscape of what was once a thriving Jewish oriented food business in Winnipeg, Desserts Plus announced on January 4 that it would be closing its doors permanently.


It had been less  than two years since Desserts Plus reopened its doors at what had been its new location at 664 King Edward Street since having relocated from its longtime location at 1975 Corydon Avenue.

In a post on the company’s Facebook page, Desserts Plus founder Barb Reiss cited the reasons for the decision that was taken:
Thirty-eight “years ago,” Barb wrote, she “started a small baking business. Over the years the rest of the family joined” me “and the company grew and reinvented itself many times.
“We have had ups and downs since the beginning. We've catered life cycle events for some families that took them from births to deaths. We've served the Jewish and general communities in our restaurants, through catering and in our stores for decades. We've had good customers become great friends over the years.
“A number of years ago, in our Corydon location, we started experiencing major problems. Due to power fluctuations we kept losing compressors on our coolers, freezers and air-conditioners, so in addition to equipment repairs we also lost a lot of product.
“We couldn't continue as we were, so we took the opportunity to sell our building and try to start in a new location. But between the losses on Corydon and delays finding our new location and then building delays we started off at King Edward at a deficit.
“We tried many things, but the fact is that the business we had on Corydon didn't follow us down the road. So it is with great sadness that we are closing our doors.”

Desserts Plus had been operating under the supervision of the Orthodox Union but as of November 1, it had decided to withdraw from kosher supervision. At the time it was noted that the lack of community support was what led to the decision.

Similarly BerMax Caffé & Bistro had also decided to go the non-kosher route, as of Rosh Hashanah last year. At the time the inability to remain open on Friday evenings and Saturdays was cited as the main factor in BerMax’s decision not to remain under kosher supervision. We note, however, that BerMax has not been open Friday evenings or Saturdays for the past few weeks.

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#1 Psychotherapist and Sex TherapistBEATTY SAIR COHAN 2019-01-26 02:04
I loved coming to Desserts Plus during my visits to Winnipeg. You will be missed by everyone who enjoyed your delicious foods and company.

All the best in your next chapter of life.