BB Camp and Camp Massad end up having totally different experiences this summer

BB Campers set out
on their canoe trip
in late July this summer

By BERNIE BELLAN Back in the spring it was hard to know what might unfold for our two Jewish sleepover camps.

It was in our May 12 issue when I reported that while BB Camp’s co-directors, Jacob Brodovsky and Lexie Yurman,  weren’t optimistic that the Ontario government would lift all restrictions that had been imposed on camps as a result of Covid, there were still reasons to be hopeful that they would be able to run some form of second session, AC (Advanced Camp) and LTP (Leadership Training Programs) programs at the camp this summer.

Who were the major recipients of Jewish Foundation grants in 2020?

Jewish Foundation logo2By BERNIE BELLAN Elsewhere on this website ( we reported on the very successful year that the Jewish Foundation had in its 2020 fiscal year, both in terms of new contributions ($3,384,493) and in the growth of the total assets of the Foundation (to $148,075,775, compared with $137,039,046 in 2019).

Gwen Secter meal delivery program continues to fill vital need in the community - non-Jewish as well as Jewish

Becky Chisick
Gwen Secter Executive Director

By BERNIE BELLAN Ever since the Covid pandemic took hold in Manitoba I’ve been chronicling the amazing efforts emanating from the Gwen Secter Centre to provide services not only to seniors but to many other individuals in need.

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre to premiere first live show since February 2020

Stars of the new WJT show
left: Becky Frohlinger
right: Justin Stadnyk

By BERNIE BELLAN Amidst all the plans that had either to be shelved or retooled as a result of Covid, perhaps no organization within our community has had to constantly rejig its plans more than the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre.


New cannabis store in Tuxedo promises to give whole new meaning to the "High" Holidays

the co-owners of

By BERNIE BELLAN In the 1920s some rich supporters of the Republican Party in the U.S. gained notoriety by running an ad claiming that under the Republican administration of Herbert Hoover there was “a chicken in every pot”. Now that there’s an election on in Canada – I wonder if there's any politician around who would have the courage to promise “a little pot in every chicken” - which was an expression once ascribed to Pierre Trudeau.

Gwen Secter Centre plays host to Canadian/Israeli singer/songwriter of considerable renown who was stranded in Winnipeg for over a year and a half

Orit Shimoni (left)
"Live from the Lot"
concert organizer Karla Berbrayer

By BERNIE BELLAN After going a year and a half in Winnipeg without any live entertainment to speak of - beyond the occasional street concerts that seemed to spring up impromptu from time to time, it was welcome news to read that the Gwen Secter Centre was going to be playing host to a series of weekly concerts every Wednesday through August 25th.

Rady JCC Executive Director Rob Berkowits on what the future holds for the Rady JCC

Rob Berkowits

By BERNIE BELLAN It’s been 17 months since most Rady JCC members have actually set foot in what had become the centre of Jewish life in Winnipeg. From time to time we’ve written about how Rady JCC Executive Director Rob Berkowits has been forced to pivot, then pivot again and again, as first, stringent lockdown measures were imposed in March 2020, then eased in June 2020, then reimposed again in the fall, and only recently eased again in July.

Rady JCC says good bye to Assistant Executive Director Tamar Barr

Tamar Barr

By BERNIE BELLAN In a message emailed to Rady JCC members on July 16, recipients of the email were informed that long time Rady JCC Program Director and, more recently, Assistant Executive Director Tamar Barr had left the Rady JCC.
Tamar’s departure actually occurred in October 2020 when she was laid off from her position as a result of financial pressures imposed upon the centre by Covid and the drastic scaling back of programs.

Golf tournament in Winkler Aug. 28 aiming to help build bomb shelters in Israel

A small bell-shaped bomb shelter
costs approximately $18,000 USD,
while steel shelters start
around $27,000 per shelter

Taylor Polstra is a young woman who spent a couple of years in Israel working for an organization known as International Christiam Embassy Jerusalem. While there, Taylor witnessed firsthand the duress under which Israelis live, never knowing when they might be under siege from rockets fired from Gaza – or, as has been the case in recent days, Lebanon.

Winnipeg South MP Jim Carr answers questions about his positions on Israel and antisemitism

Jim Carr

By BERNIE BELLAN On July 23 I spoke with Jim Carr, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre and Minister without Portfolio in the Federal Cabinet (also special representative to the prairies). I began our conversation with an explanation why I was asking to speak with Minister Carr at this particular moment:
“There are two different angles to me wanting to interview you, Jim. One is Canada’s position re Israel and the Palestinians. The other is the summit on anti-Semitism.

Banner year for ‘the Beach’ day camp

CounselorBy SIMONE COHEN SCOTT Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba August 2nd, 2021 Winnipeg Beach Day Camp has come a long way. Around 1953 I was a counselor there, and if memory serves me, it had been founded only a year or two earlier.