70 headstones toppled at Shaarey Zedek Cemetery, but Larsen’s Memorials restored all but two the next day

left: some of the 70 headstones toppled
overnight June 29; right: the same headstones
restored June 29 by Larsen's Memorials

By BERNIE BELLAN Early in the morning of Wednesday, June 29, staff at the Shaarey Zedek cemetery discovered that approximately 70 headstones in an older part of the cemetery (Sections 1 and 2) had been toppled over night.

Rainbow Stage’s current production has strong Jewish connection

Jewish performers in "The Hockey Sweater"
clockwise from top left: Kevin McIntryre,
Harry Nelken, Hannah Schaeffer, Rochelle Kives

We received an email from Rainbow Stage Artistic Director Carson Nattrass pointing out the many connections our Jewish community has to Rainbow Stage’s current production, “The Hockey Sweater,” including:

• Four Jewish cast members, including lead Kevin McIntryre, Harry Nelken, Rochelle Kives, and Hannah Schaeffer.

Dr. Cara Katz receives grant to study autism from sibling point of view

Dr. Cara Katz

By MYRON LOVE Autism can be a difficult diagnosis that can put a tremendous strain on a family. While the focus for parents, healthcare workers and other support services is rightly on helping the affected child to navigate life, the impact of a sibling with autism on other children in the family may be overlooked.

The mayor of Jerusalem visited Winnipeg - but I never got a chance to speak with him

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion being
greeted by Larry Vickar while
his wife, Stavit, & Jerusalem
Foundation Executive Director
Shai Doron look on

By BERNIE BELLAN On Wednesday, June 15 I was expecting to have a chance to meet the mayor of Jerusalem, whose name I found out is Moshe Lion. What follows is an email I sent to Keith Levit, who was taking pictures of the mayor and his entourage that day, and who asked me whether I was going to use any of the pictures he took.

Jake Tapper reflects on his role as a CNN anchor and his search in vain for a connection to any Winnipeg Tappers

Jake Tapper

By BERNIE BELLAN Jake Tapper is a very well-known CNN anchor (and chief Washington correspondent) whose manner is totally opposite from the firebrands who populate Fox News.

Community leaders David Asper, Harvey and Sandra Secter among the honourees at recent University of Manitoba convocation

Sandra & Harvey Secter

By MYRON LOVE Community leaders David Asper and Harvey Secter were among ten individuals who were recipients of honorary degrees at the University of Manitoba’s most recent convocation.

Scenes from the Negev Gala

Michael Paterson & Gail Asper

This year's Negev Gala honouring Michael Paterson and Gail Asper was, as was last year's, produced in advance, and broadcast over the internet, this year on June 2. Click on Read more to see a collage of photos from this year's gala.

Canadian premiere of play about the lives of Bella & Marc Chagall will leave you wanting to learn more

Isidora Kecman & Daniel Greenberg
in “The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk”
Keith Levit photo

“The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk” – a WJT production – on now at the Asper Campus
Reviewed by BERNIE BELLAN Most of us are familiar with the paintings of Marc Chagall – with his surrealistic imagery permeated with flying cows, roosters, fish, and the moon. But, what about the man himself? What was he like as a husband? And, what about the woman he married? What was she like?

Journalism student Gavin Axelrod welcoming opportunity to gain journalistic experience with home town Free Press

Gavin Axelrod

By MYRON LOVE Readers of the Winnipeg Free Press sports section may recently have noticed a new name appearing in print in the sports pages. That would be Toronto Metropolitan (formerly Ryerson) University journalism student Gavin Axelrod who is really excited for the opportunity to serve a summer internship in his home town with his hometown newspaper.

Further to how many Israelis have come here under the Provincial Nomineee Program

The Jewish Federation says that it
is expecting 75 newcomers to arrive here
under the Provincial Nominee Program,
with another 300 in the process
of producing required documents.

By BERNIE BELLAN Elsewhere on this website (http://jewishpostandnews.ca/local/1132-increase-in-allocations-to-provincial-nominee-program-likely-to-lead-to-influx-of-israeli-immigrants-to-winnipeg) we have a story about the Provincial Nominee Program, which is the program through which a great many new Jewish immigrants from Israel and other countries have been able to move to Manitoba.
Following publication of that article, however, we received comments from an immigration consultant who suggested that, as a result of the tightening of requirements under the PNP, there are fewer individuals from Israel who will be applying to come to Manitoba.

Méira Cook’s latest novel is arguably her most “Jewish” one yet

Méira Cook
cover of "The Full Catastrophe"

Review by BERNIE BELLAN I’ve been following the career of poet and novelist Méira Cook ever since her name was first mentioned in this paper in an article written by my niece, Suzy Waldman, in 1995. At that time Méira (who is named for her late grandfather, Meir) noted that she had been sticking with poetry to that point, but was now considering switching to prose.