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Dear Bernie.
I found your lengthy editorial in the April 1 issue ( quite disturbing.

What is the difference between Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Jabotinsky? In the 1930s Jabotinsky struggled to wake up European Jews to the imminent danger they were in. Unfortunately, his cries were not adequately heeded, but at least he tried. Was he crying wolf as you suggest Bibi Netanyahu is? Would you have dared to criticize Jabotinsky in the same manner that you used to turn Netanyahu into a virtual schmattah?
Take a moment (or as long as necessary) to consider some of the following questions; Can you think of even one historical personage who threatened the Jewish people and then later turned out to be kidding? How many Hitlers, Torquemadas, Chmielnickis, Hamans, etc. ad nausea were known for their practical jokes? Gotcha! Only kidding! No, sorry, I don’t remember those lines coming out of Amalek’s mouth (particularly poignant during the recent Pesach, or perhaps at your house you skipped that paragraph).
Do you seriously think that Ali Khamenei (if he is a Supreme Leader, he is a Supreme Leader of hatred) and his cohorts are joking when they say they are going to annihilate Israel? Do you see any evidence that they are kibitzing around? Since the Obama administration’s belief in proper inspection is delusional, Iran can soon be within reach of creating weapons that can achieve that goal. Who will defend the Israelis when their enemies attack? The U.S.? Please, where is the evidence? The Americans might react afterwards, but even that is debatable. You seem to admire Barrack Obama. Why? Obama has proven, over and over, that his word means nothing. He has provided ample evidence of zero credibility. Are you prepared to “wait to see what happens?” You also forget that Hitler, too, signed an agreement. Would you react the same way if your own family was at risk - if one of your neighbours publicly threatened to harm your family, and lethal weapons were being delivered to his house during the night and hustled quickly into his basement, out of sight? What do you think he is going to do with them, sit and admire his collection?
At times I wonder how the Holocaust could have been allowed to happen. I know that one of the causes was the attitude of certain smug North American Jews who lived comfortable lifestyles and who felt that European Jews were simply being hysterical alarmists. Are you prepared to issue a public apology if it turns out that Netanyahu is right? Would that bring the dead back to life? We need to thank Benjamin Netanyahu for courageously insisting on pressing the alarm bell against formidable opposition. We need to pause and give thanks that he was re-elected. Few other Israeli politicians would have had the chutzpah to do what is right.
Your editorial is not suitable for a mouthpiece of the Jewish people. I strongly advise you to print the speech below and compare it to Netanyahu’s:

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