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Cribbage tournaments bring Wolodarsky & Barish families together

At the joint Barish-Wolodarsky cribbage tournament: (l-r): Earl Barish’s grandson, Adam; Dave Chochinov, Howard Ryant (both in red Wolodarsky family shirts), and Earl's son, Andy Barish.

The year was 1992 and Brenda (Chochinov) Ryant was a new mother hanging out at the family cottage at Winnipeg Beach.

Winnipeg Fringe Festival performer Randy Ross has written a hilarious book – but boy, is it raunchy!

Randy Ross at Winnipeg Fringe Festival

"God Bless Cambodia"
By Randy Ross
Randy Ross is a writer, performer, and web consultant. I met Randy recently when I went to watch his Fringe show, titled “God Bless Cambodia”. I had printed a blurb about Randy’s upcoming show in our July 4 issue – along with blurbs for nine other shows that were going to feature Jewish performers.